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  1. Okay a few things to unpack here. You can get an infection while being a virgin. UTI, yeast, BV, etc can occur without anyone else coming in contact with your vagina They don’t really do a sniff test as much as they give you a questionnaire where you answer ‘yes’ to unusual smell and tell them your concerns. Then they can test your discharge for the various issues Stop using ‘feminine intimate wash’. That stuff is okay for occasional use or after intercourse/periods to get everything cleaned up, but it’s not for regular use. It WILL upset your pH and give you an overgrowth of other bacteria that will cause a smell. I totally get being embarrassed. I was honestly embarrassed about it until I got into med school. Now I know that they see this stuff all of the time, they are compensated well for it, they don’t care except to help you with your health and discomfort, and they are legally bound to not tell anyone any of your issues. Ask them anything and everything you have concerns with

  2. Exactly. I've been through hell and high water and have gained a ton of experience through this, that dating a early 20 year old would a) feel like dating my daughter or something and b) it would present a power unbalance that it most likely wouldn't be fair to the other partner.

  3. Some people just have a kink for this. I found watching kink related porn has a more undertone of consent just because good BDSM scenes are planned and negotiated at length before hand. You’ve already said you have no desire to act like this “in real life”. (I actually like hardcore porn too but hate breast slapping, probably because I can’t identify with it and don’t want it done to me.) I don’t disagree that going on a porn detox is a good idea; I’ve done it myself when I find it’s my go to for stress relief a little to often, but overall, I think you should give yourself a little bit of a break and know that kink is healthy. Explore porn and kink scenes where you consent is at the foundation. Ive seen Dom’s call a scene when the sub doesn’t even safeword or caution-word because they think they’re losing the ability too. It’s a fine line between healthy balance while avoiding sexual shame. You’re normal kiddo, good luck. You had an additional post that indicated you could be struggling with mental health. Make sure to take a walk outside once a day and reach out to safe people over the holidays. Happy New Year

  4. Every person is different, so it could be anything, but I have to agree, 27 for a man is still well in your prime for sexual activity. Most men, unless there are major health problems, are frankly still in their prime for sex in their 30's and 40's. Either something is going on (affair) or a health issue (he needs to see a doctor) or as I'm sure people have said, couples therapy could be a good option. If he isn't having an affair and isn't willing to see a doctor or do couple's therapy, then your options are pretty limited. As someone currently dealing with this on the reverse end, I don't think it is fair for one partner to essentially have to go the rest of their life with little to no sex. I'm a bit older and have dealt with this for over 10 years now, please don't follow in my footsteps and make the same mistake. You deserve better and I hope that you can figure this out one way or the other.

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