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you_are_my_sunshine naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat


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Model from:

Languages: en

Birth Date: 2003-06-24

Body Type: bodyTypeThin

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorColorful

Eyes color: eyeColorGreen

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: June 23, 2022

15 thoughts on “you_are_my_sunshine naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat

  1. It's embarrassing as fuck, but that's all in your head. No employee of the store you're buying it from is paid enough to care what customers buy, no other shopper gives a fuck about who's getting laid… The exception I guess is if you find some religious nutjob who decides to make a scene in public, but that's more embarrassing by proxy for being near such a person, and regardless it's not your problem. The correct, adult (not as in mature, as in old enough that you've stopped caring) way to approach buying the condom is to just grab it as if it's anything else, check out, and walk out, just like you were stopping buy to grab a pack of batteries or a box of cold medicine. If someone harasses you for it, you do what you'd do if they were making a fuss at your cold medicine – Ignore them, and if you feel the need, find an employee and say “excuse me, I don't know this person and they keep following me and yelling” Perhaps the biggest lesson from getting older is that no stranger cares about you nearly as much as you think.

  2. That shit doesn’t even phase me lmao it’s annoying more than anything and we are in our late 20s now. I can’t be compared to girls she messed with when she was young

  3. Stop being a helicopter parent and let your daughter live her life. In most states, age of consent is 16 so long as the older partner is not more than two years older. She’s 17, probably a senior in high school. She’s being safe. She’s (presumably) only sleeping with her boyfriend. Honestly, as a father, I’d be proud of her for not only being honest with me, but for being smart enough to not be stupid about her sex life. Parents have WAY too much interest in their kids sex lives anyway. Up until they’re 18 it’s always “DONT HAVE SEX OR YOULL DIE” and as soon as they’re in a long term relationship it’s “When are you giving me grandkids?” Get the fuck over yourself.

  4. “I cheated on my bf but now he wont have sex with me more what did I do wrong to deserve this trauma he is causing me” Talk about delusional. I've been with girls like this and they were sooo messed up. Like narcissistic to the T

  5. Sounds like he is a selfish lover and he is not sexually attracted to you. You are just a ex doll. He doesn’t actually care about if you have pleasure too. It’s time to go.

  6. This is all about what you want in a partner, but probably says little about the guys who or most women do the majority of the hooking up with.

  7. Because women don’t need to orgasm to induce pregnancy so it’s not a trait that’s been historically selected for

  8. gotta jump in here ? I’m a cishet lady and my sexual attraction to men is very much phallocentric. I was in a serious LTR with a bi dude and I gave him a pass to be with other guys because I felt like guys weren’t “competition” in the sense that they offered something totally different. not just because my ex was heteroromantic lol but it was okay with me for him to get some dick on the side (with certain stipulations) because it was something I could never offer and I felt like if I was equally attracted to both sets of genitals I’d definitely feel that craving after a while. if he was ever with another woman, though, I’d have ended the relationship right there because I’d have felt totally disrespected. like I have a pussy and all that other stuff, him choosing to be with another woman is basically insinuating that I’m replaceable and I wasn’t enough for him. other women were my “competition”, not other men. if he was totally biromantic then I might have felt differently but yeah. it can be hard for some straight people to understand how bi people feel about things, especially if we’re very much into the particularities of whatever type of equipment our partners have. honestly I was kinda shocked to learn that other people’s sexual attraction isn’t as genitally-based as mine is! lmao I’m all about that D.

  9. Your feelings are valid but like, that is a LOT of sex. Once a day is a lot, multiple times, not many guys could keep up with that. Have you considered toys?

  10. Yeah you guys are safe lol, she should know and track her cycle, don’t be so paranoid, do research yourself (aka don’t listen to strangers on Reddit) Best advice from a stranger tho There are strips for her to pee on and check her LH levels every day, and apps to go with it to see where she is in her cycle (Girls are only fertile for about 3 days a month and sperm can only live for about 3 days in her as well) But just with this knowledge you can avoid those days for piv (there are plenty of other things you two can do 😉 But that, with just condoms/IUD would be fine as long as both of you are diligent about knowing where she is at in her cycle Also know that the side effects of the IUD as well, a lot more is coming out about them

  11. Remember that your weight isn't a secret. When someone looks at you with clothes on, they can tell exactly how fat you are. So if they still want to sleep with you after that, it indicates that they don't have a problem with it. If they did have a problem with it, you wouldn't have gotten to that point.

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