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  1. I dont have a BBC, more like a SAAC (Slightly Above Average Cock) but if I did I probably wouldn't mind. Also you sure your gf is being up front with you and doesnt actually want to do more then just touch it?

  2. My guess, an older gay man attempting to get a bunch of straight dudes to send them dick pics. Careful out there, boys. Predators on the prowl.

  3. I do disagree, i think sex has to have a climax. And that is all very pretty, but when you spend 6y not having one (1) orgasm, sex is not that romantic as you describe. It's frustrating, and annoying.

  4. As soon as you've determined that your partner is a crazy murderous psychopath then you've already met and gone way past that deadline. All you need to do is just want it and you can take your time with that.

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