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  1. You can't. I'm sure he knows he has a little dick already. If you say something about it, it would crush his self esteem.

  2. I feel like this falls in the “consent can be taken back.” Kind of thing. Sure, she did it, and agreed to it then. But does that mean you now own the rights to those pictures forever, and it's up to you what to do with them? Of course not. If you cared for her or her feelings, you would be concerned with why she's feeling the need to ask. You would delete them first as she asks, then ask what changed to make her feel uncomfortable with you having the pictures. You said yourself that it feels like a form of trust to exchange nudes. Maybe the trust is starting to fade, and this exchange probably confirmed that doubt to her. What you instead did, was take offense and seemingly get defensive and upset that she would even ask. And refused to delete them until she gives you an explanation. Do you think she is now ever going to send you another nude? This was a bad response, my man.

  3. “…after puberty…”!?! LOL 15 is still in puberty 😉 Puberty doesn't typically end until 18. Your horny libido is normal for that age.

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