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  2. “He's been saying that I need to do it and that it doesn't matter if I don't want it because I will probably enjoy it anyway. The idea makes me extremely uncomfortable but he's not listening to what I'm saying.” It is time to DUMP HIM. You've made it very, VERY clear that you are not okay with it. He's continuing to pressure you into it. That is sexually coercive behavior and it is abusive. Why are men like this? This is not a man thing. This is an ABUSIVE man thing. And you are in an abusive relationship. Love is respect. Anyone who does not respect your sexual boundaries and consent does not love you. This is a guide to what a healthy relationship looks like. Dump him, and show it to your next parter. If he doesn't agree with everything on the list, dump him too:\_is\_respect\_sexual\_consent\_and\_boundaries/

  3. Yes he was. He just isn't as big, and that's fully okay, she loves everything about him. And I don't think it was supposed to be a cuckolding situation. He was her first and only, and seeing that someone with a pecker thrice as pick must have simply surprised her.

  4. I'm not saying anything at all one way or the other about your recommendations. All I'm saying is that there is not necessarily all that strong a connection between increasing volume and increasing fertility.

  5. Sounds like you need to be looking for a girlfriend (or boyfriend). Someone who you are both mentally connected with and also physically attracted to. So you develop special feelings for this person that ultimately leads to a sexual relationship. Good luck. Be safe. And have fun.

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