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  1. You shouldn't have to tell him “no” multiple times. What he is doing grosses you out and he apparently doesn't have enough decency to listen to you. It is up to you to simply walk away from this relationship because he is now playing head games with you.

  2. Pounding as hard as you can does not necessarily equal good sex, did you try to pleasure her too with other kinds of stimulation and foreplay?

  3. She knows ofcourse, and accepts it, but not that it's pretty much daily. I told her multiple times before I was coming to bed in 20 mins because I was going to masturbate first, and she felt like shit because she was not satisfying my needs. (Which is true, but another story.) It's pretty much a public secret since.

  4. Just leave the guy be himself as long as it's not harmful. I don't know your age, but if you're over 20 and telling your adult man how to behave, you're not a good gf imo – you're practically his mother. And even his mother should have no control over another adult.

  5. I’m sorry:( I’ve been suffering for over a month now myself. Even if you see a urologist, it sucks because they’ll run all sorts of barbaric tests then can’t cure you because IC can’t be cured unfortunately. So I’m not even going to waste my money… I think I have pelvic floor dysfunction, which is far more likely for me, but there’s debate on whether both of those conditions are the same thing. You can try pelvic floor relaxing stretches and meditation, which supposedly can help, but I don’t know. It really sucks.

  6. Not only is this a bad idea but do you feel secure in your relationship that your bf mentioning your friends boob consistently doesn’t seem to bother you?

  7. Honestly just don’t go two days without showering before having sex again if you can help it. Men and women alike would be a bit smelly in that area after that long. He didn’t really do anything wrong to bring that up . Not really sure how he could’ve said it in a better way.

  8. first question is are you taking antidepressants, they can wreak havoc in a variety of ways. next is to find a doc that deals with sexual dysfunctions and see what they have to say. if you're in seattle i'll give you my doc's name. then you get to the obgyn and psych route.

  9. I would check out r/deadbedroom community or even r/hlsupport community as there are many in similar situations and could give you some advice there too. Wishing you the best

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