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  1. Its still 2nd place to telling a guy “your dick is too small.” Big time. A girl cheats on you. You can't talk to a lot of women, and figure out a lot won't cheat. You can heal from that wound. You dated a piece of shit. A girl tells you your dick is too small. You're fucked… There's nothing anyone can say now. No fucking way. Getting cheated on hurts. A lot. But you can chalk it up to the other person being a sack of shit. An intimate telling you your dick is too small? You can't chalk that out of your life. Waaaay more difficult to move on from. How the fuck do you heal from that? Incomparable.

  2. You cannot fix her. She clearly doesn’t respect you. She needs to go to counseling. And you are better off single or with a different person.

  3. I’m not talking multiple dudes, I wouldn’t have ever even looked at it before, but we get on well so I don’t see the issue?? There’s always women who move on with someone while there pregnant. What’s the issue??

  4. I think you're a complete dumbass. I'm not angry at being short. I'm angry at the treatment I get for being short.

  5. How is it the cowards way out? I am laying out my honest feelings to her and letting her make the decision of how she wants to deal with it. I dont think it could be more fair.

  6. Heyaaa im gonna try to give u a good answer here 🙂 I always prepare before anal sex with my boyfriend – Its important to be hygienic during sex so you clean your insides with water, several times until nothing but water comes out. Its the responsibility of the bottom to do so? out of respect towards his top (except they agreed on not cleaning on purpose, which is absolutely fine 🙂 the top has the very important task to make sure he doesn't hurt/damage his bottom during sex. Stretching can be a good way to achieve this but if ure in a stable relationship u don't necessarily have to do it. My partner has a very big tool and we still dont need to stretch before sex, even tho things can get really rough at times. Its about knowing the limits of your partner and knowing which kinds of motion can actually hurt him. Its important to talk about it after you're finished immediately stop and tell your partner once something feels genuinely bad or you see blood and didn't agree that its okay. Thats pretty much the basics about how to prepare and go through it in a healthy manner 🙂 I hope i could help you and i hope you're not too scared of the act itself 🙂 It's not as hard as you might think, as long as you're considerate and proceed with caution 🙂 and remember: honest communication is always the key, especially when you dive into other fields and topics regarding sex?

  7. ALso – please be careful. I don't want you to become anxious about sex, but sex in public bathrooms is SUPER dangerous. Her insides are regulated by a complex biom of microorganisms, acids and bacteria, which can become really unbalanced and seriously harm/damage her! This is NO JOKE. Let her get a pap/smear test. Please. Put hygiene and safety first. Having a kinky time in public isn't worth months and years of recovery. Bad things happen when you are not prepared. Please be careful.

  8. never, i feel guilty even wanting him to do it because he makes me cum way more than i make him cum (because i can do it multiple times in a row), so it just feels like asking him to do extra when he already does so much

  9. would u be okay if ur partner watched a specific persons porn whenever they masturbated? Maybe they just make good content lol

  10. Wow I had this exact thing happen to me. It was the craziest shit I ever experienced. I told her I would call the police myself if she thinks I really raped her against her will. She wouldn't let me do it. She was a psychopath anyways. Absolutely nuts. I never met a person so insane. She was one way when I met her but a whole other way after we started dating. Holy moly.

  11. Get the book Mating in Captivity and read/listen to it together. It was written by a couples therapist about this exact problem.

  12. I had this same reaction to a girlfriend’s vagina. We dated 4 years, I ate that fishy pussy everyday and I never said shit. Hid the gagging well too. That’s how much I liked her. Wish I had an answer

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