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  1. You said sex isn’t reciprocal and he doesn’t put any effort into your pleasure, but then you’re doubting if you’re making this a bigger issue than it is? It is truly a big issue. He’s making you feel less worth, be it sex wise or not. I know you ask for help for “managing your emotional state”, but I don’t think there’s any way to manage unless you get out of this unequal and unfair relationship. He’s taking advantage of you. Does he even think you’re in a relationship? I know you’re going to call me unhelpful just like you did in the other comments, but you are not going to get anything out of here. The only thing you can do is truly “enjoy while it lasts”.

  2. You could try bearing down and swirling a finger around inside your vagina to help bring it all out straight after. It's not good for you to use pantyliners all the time if you can help it.

  3. I said this under your previous post and I'll say it again here – that was an asshole move. The fact he was behaving in a way so you couldn't touch his genitals or see them to know he had not replaced the condom is telling. If I tell my partner to take off a condom after anal and before PIV he knows damn well that means put a new one on because we use condoms in the first place and no other birth control. He KNOWINGLY put you in a position where you could fall pregnant. There's no excuse and people need to stop justifying away guys doing things like this.

  4. People calling it selfish need a reality check. Oral is controversial for a lot of people. You can have 2 people who love it, 2 people who don't like it at, or 1 person who doesn't like performing but the other likes giving. It's not always going to be an even match, & that's okay. If it's a deal breaker for you, that's also okay, but it's time to end the relationship now vs sowing resentment & misery until the boil breaks. 2 months is a pretty short time though. It does take people time to warm and open up in a new sexual relationship. It takes a lot of trust & most women have some form of sexual trauma. So while it may seem selfish or nonsensical, not everyone is able to jump feet first into a new sexual relationship. If you don't enjoy or want to go down on her, just don't do it. No is a full sentence. If you do enjoy, why stop just to be petty & spite her for not doing it to you? That's childish af and lowkey a red flag tbh. Sit her down outside of the moment & communicate your exact needs & expectations to see just how much they align. If it's not enough, it's time to move on. PS You're way too old to be still doing what your friends say. Signed, an almost 40 year old woman.

  5. You can always use a pillow to support you, so you can rest on it and do a doggy laying on it. There is a special one in the form lf a triangle and another one with two humps.

  6. This is the only explanation that would make sense to me from the top of my head. How long have you been going for? I think you're usually recommended doing 2-3 sessions of about 3 minutes each for the first weeks before trying to do more, and to throw some reverse kegels in between

  7. Well you'd be surprised how many people are slightly Kinky, so it's just about communicating what you like to the other person. Otherwise, find your local kink group(Munch) and see if you can't find someone there. FetLife might be a good place to start. Just be careful.

  8. The dynamic between you 2 cam be whatever you want it to be! Most people that practice BDSM don't practice it 24/7 🙂

  9. I think when it's planned, it's not as fun. Just go with the flow and fuck all day randomly. Either way, it's fun. So it's always a good idea.

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