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  1. Well, I’m not talking about size as much as I’m talking about the experience I was just saying I don’t have a monster I just want to know what I should do to make the experience good I grew up in church, so I’m not very experienced with this Sex

  2. Have you considered the possibility that you just don't like to give oral? And maybe the couple of times you did enjoy it you were just in the right frame of mind, allowing you to bypass the odor? I will say in my experience, it took me a while to truly get pleasure doing it with my wife. I always liked doing it because I have a thing for making her feel good, but I didn't really get pleasure in the act itself until the last 1-2 years (together almost 8). So for some it might be an acquired taste sort of thing.

  3. Yeah I’ve definitely considered this being the problem, he isn’t against going to the doctor but he won’t schedule an appointment himself and it would feel really awful if I had to force him to, it would just kinda prove that he doesn’t actually care enough to try to fix the issue himself :\ I would love for him to go though and he even said he hasn’t been to a doctor for anything at all in several years so there’s no telling what could be wrong

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