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  1. I (27m) just got into a relationship after leaving a long term one 2 years ago. My new gf (24f) makes me feel so wanted and sexy and it's something I almost never felt in my last relationship. I never knew how much I needed it either. You are definitely not crazy.

  2. Fantasies are important. It can be done safely but you'd need to work up to it. Just chatting and possibly sexting for a month will rule many men out then a coffee date just to check if either of you gets a weird vibe. Then if you got with them in the bedroom with a friend in the living room things would probably be safe. It's just something to take slow.

  3. I am so jealous right now. My woman is so hot but I never have experienced anything like this. Unfortunately for me I think I have a death grip syndrome so I can only dream about your experience. We still have our fun and all but yeh yours is on another level

  4. There might be some physiological reason behind this. I'd ask a doctor. Especially if vibes or clitoral stimulating doesn't even do the trick.

  5. Honestly I am thinking about a vasectomy. Condoms are really hard because the biggest ones I can buy without going online are too small, an I do not have sex often enough to have it in stock (best before date). So the other day I bought the biggest one and spent like 5 minutes trying to get it on. I guess that also makes it more prone to breaking etc. And I am pretty sure I do not want a child of my own, if I ever would like one I think I would like to adopt.

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