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  1. Get rid. I’m sorry but if this is enough of a red flag for you to come to Reddit and complain about it then maybe you need to realise that it’s enough of a red flag to get rid and move on. Regardless of what your stance is on cheating – this is a form of emotional cheating – masturbating to another woman and then lying about it? It is what it is – whether you call it that or not.

  2. As long as the goal is mutual satisfaction, then it's not a big deal, because bodies do their own thing sometimes. However, considering most women can't orgasm from penetration alone, there's plenty else you can do to leave her on Cloud 9.

  3. Do you want kids? Have you discussed non-hormonal or permanent means of birth control, such as a vasectomy for you or a bisalp for her?

  4. 'Spanking and Chastity'? That's quite kinky actually If I'm beat up I'd want my woman spoil me sexually and do all the work. When my gf is beat up and tired I try to do it for her but she's say if she cums I must to. It's messed up

  5. He just wanna imagine them if you aren’t gonna send the full nude at least let him imagine how your nipples look. Probably wanna jerk off by imagining them. I love my gfs tits, my fav part is the nipple(just typing this turns me on)

  6. I think you kind of hit on it at the end. If you are just trying to get your orgasm ASAP you’re going to be disappointed most of the time. Masturbation as a solo act can be a lot of things. I would recommend trying to masturbate with another goal or destination in mind. How long can you keep your self hard? Can you find pleasure in just touching your shaft? What about just the frenulum ? Can you relax all your muscles or atleast you left groin through the entire session. Sex and masturbate have a large physical pleasure component. Tune into all aspects physical sensation when you touch yourself.

  7. It's totally ok to masturbate twice or more per day if you feel like doing that. None of the things in the quote are true. It's not harmful whatsoever. There is one exception though: If you do it so often that you neglect other responsibilities or relationships then it might be a problem. But I guess that's true for any other activity, too.

  8. You're a psychopath, probably a CEO who loves power and 70% bi but % are skewed/questionable since you love power.

  9. Thanks, I did talk to her last night, she says it’s because she doesn’t feel good in herself at the moment cos she’s gained a bit of weight in the last couple years (she did used to initiate half the time) I’m glad I spoke to her about it because now I know to not stop initiating so it doesn’t reinforce any of those negative feelings she has about herself. She’s not big at all she just used to be super thin and she doesn’t feel as sexy as she used to. Now I know it’s nothing to do with me I’ve no problem continuing being the initiator

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