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  1. It doesn’t compare – in your example nothing has changed. I actually disagree that physical attraction is not a choice, at least to some degree. To start with yes, there’s a natural physical attraction but I can choose to continue to love someone in spite of changes to their physical appearance, and that love will keep me physically attracted to them. This is something I know from experience so no point telling me I’m wrong. Too many live in a throwaway world where you just follow the testosterone, without consideration to loyalty or integrity.

  2. When I was a kid, there was a vent that went between my room and my parents room. I made mention of hearing the activities. That vent was quickly covered up and put out of commission.

  3. What is wrong is both of you for using anything sex related as a bargaining chip, that means you are essentially charging for access to a blowjob. Now your man is just as wrong. Aside from the morally correct lecture I would tell him to be piss off completely for starting this pay for sex favors with a partner. Good luck ?

  4. It's very possible she's feeling the same way and without talking to her first he'll never know. Something caused the decline, maybe having kids, and they didn't figure out how to get it back. How about just a date (but scheduled sex), because you love her and want to enjoy things together?

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  6. It’s remarkable and unique in my experience. My history with LL partners if they don’t give a damn about the HL partner’s needs and will do nothing to help them out with it. Good on you for doing it. ?

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