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  1. As a public health professional, I can assure you that you can continually reinfect yourself with fecal to oral transmission of your own poop. This is 100% misinformation.

  2. He’s 14. He’s a child! It doesn’t matter if he’s “horny” or not. The law clearly states that 14 year olds cannot consent to sex.

  3. My husband and I have a mutual agreement that we can both at least try to get the other person into it while we’re sleeping.

  4. I don’t think I would mind any kind of toys my partner could have, even though I have never tried or owned a toy myself.

  5. Someone once asked Groucho Marx if he thought sex was dirty, and he replied, “it is, if you do it right”. It's hard to define “Wholesome”, what might be bragging to you, or complaining, may seem wholesome to the person making that statement.

  6. We both work, we split the chores evenly, I'm a very engaged parent, I compliment her and give her gifts, I show her compassion affection with spontaneous hugs and kisses and always try make her feel sexy and desired with comments about how she looks and yet if I weren't to instigate any of it, I get treated like an estranged roommate. not sure what better she'd be getting with sex. Any woman in her situation won't want what you described to change. The balance is likely in her favor (i.e. if you make more money than her you're probably screwed)

  7. Lay down guidelines. Some suggestions I have, ignore my name, I made this account while drunk lol. Would you like to be finished before physical intercourse? And are you into toys? Because if so, maybe talking to them about using toys and such to get you off and then having the dirtier deed done. Do you have any kinks that you would like to try out that would prologue intercourse in general, or would get you off easier? Because if so, you can introduce it to them and see their responses. (Not sure if you have fwbs or a bf currently, so take these as you will). Are you willing to throw the whole shit stain of a guy out that doesn't bother to make sure that their partner is satisfied? Guys generally are horny. Lots of guys want fwbs and relationships. There's plenty of fish in the sea as they say, and with say a less experienced dude or even just with a new dude you can lay down the guidelines early on that you want. A bit of work right now can lead to a fulfilling sex life for years to come, as even if you have just fwbs for the rest of your life, you'll know how to put down the law a bit and get to explore things about yourself that you want to try. Hope this helps! Tbh I couldn't imagine not finishing my partner. My first sexual relationship? Yeah I probably missed the point more than I'd like to admit, but even just after that one relationship I'd be embarrassed if I couldn't make my partner arrive by the time we were done unless it was just a quickie or something cause then neither of us are really satisfied and it's more used to build momentum for another time imo. Bit on me to make this less weird on why I'm suggesting all this, I just passed a year together with my bf, (I'm bi, and he's been my first guy), and tbh not finishing is a thing with me cause I want to finish my partner before me, which works well with women, but not at all with men. I'm about to start introducing things into the bedroom with him cause we have the same issues you're describing and maybe some more kinkier shit lol. So take all this as you will.

  8. I treat it like eating a melty ice cream cone. Sounds weird I guess, but just get your whole face down in there. lol Sometimes I’m tonguing the hole while my nose is rubbing the clit even. When my tongue gets tired I keep my lips over my teeth and use pressure from that. Also, don’t forget the hands and fingers. While I’m down there I run my hands all over her body and she loves that. Or I’ll move my body to the side, like across her, and finger while using my mouth on the clit. Oh and positions! Her on her back and me on my stomach with my face placed appropriately is awesome! That’s all mouth work on the vulva area and hands everywhere else. Sometimes I’ll lift her legs way up and run down south a little in that one too. This position is great for eye contact. The cross body one is awesome for simultaneous hands and mouth work on the vulva. It also gives the opportunity for her to use her hand on me if I position myself right. That will often distract her though so I maintain control of it. Man I love going down on my wife! lol

  9. Foreplay. A lot of foreplay. And lube. I’m a smaller bits person so I always need lube. Try having her give you a blow job (natural lube with your spit and get the dick wet naturally without the need to put lube on your dick which in my experience makes it too slippery) and have her facing her ass/pussy where you can play with it. Use your fingers and really get her in the mood: she needs to be relaxed or you’re not getting in without hurting her, she also needs you to use your fingers.. maybe even three.. while she’s sucking your dick (if this turns her on like it does me if not then just eat her out and use your fingers and maybe even a few toys. Once you’re good with your fingers, insert a toy smaller than your penis, after a little bit or even another day, insert a bigger one, THEN insert your penis. This will work for vaginal and anal.

  10. How many millions of pictures are online? Of how many different things? Who would be interested enough in a picture of you to search for it or find it? If it was me, I would tell her to go ahead, post it,and leave me alone. Then as suggested, I would block her and forget the whole thing and move on.

  11. The only explanation that fits your description of how quickly it happened and how quickly it went away is that you ate something green. There's several diseases and bacterial infections that can all cause a green tongue. They all require medical treatment and won't go away simply by brushing your teeth once.

  12. Most women who have had a lot of sex or children tend to have stronger pelvic floors because of it. Unless you had a one off medical issue with your muscles during/ after birth. Also, I’ve known girls who had very little to no experience and were capable of taking a larger size than myself. Everyone’s vagina is different lengths and sizes to begin with just like penises. The great thing about vaginas is that they are extremely resilient. If you’re paranoid about your pelvic floor, buy kegel balls. It’s great for any woman to use these to help with various issues. I still use mine from time to time to just makes sure I never end up with a leaky bladder as I get older. A wise friend once told me “ don’t ask questions you don’t want to know the answer to” It’s just you torturing yourself by having your worst fears confirmed. Also, are you sure he meant that you weren’t enjoyable ? Because when I read it I heard him saying he just knew he had sex with two different people. I think I would personally feel more offended to hear I felt the same as other people.

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  14. It sounds like she cant orgasm during sex unless she orgasms before sex so thats not exactly the point because if she doesnt orgasm before she wont orgasm at all meanwhile he is orgasming every time.

  15. I love a guy who embraces what makes him feel sexy and actually puts the effort in, you have no idea how rare that can be. I love pretty underwear myself and it can completely change your confidence. That said, I'm a boxer briefs gal at heart

  16. Yeah, I totally agree on that honestly. I want to do what feels good and I still have many things to explore so I'll figure it out.

  17. My man says: It's perfectly normal to be nervous. But if a girl who is into you gets to the part where she is taking off her clothes, then trust me she wants to see you naked too. Also, You have what you have… the confidence is what turn a girl on. I didn't loose my virginity until I was 19 years old so i get it. The reason was that I was insecure…and I was a big boy. Concentrate on her body and have fun. You will be much less nervous if you do that. ? **^ He isn't lying to you. Take his word for it. He used to be nervous AF and tbh it wasn't until we got together that he was able to let that go. He did it by concentrating on me and what made me feel good…and having fun (feeling good). Also just from a females opinion: Size does NOT matter. A woman's G-spot is 2.5 inches inside of her. So I think you will be just fine! ?

  18. Based on my experience with my wife: You are probably very stressed right now. Stress does weird things to your body including impacting your cycle. Still…. You might want to give it a few days and test again.

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