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  2. The problem here is he doesn’t say anything. He doesn’t say he’s unsatisfied. He doesn’t say how we need to work things out to have more sex. Do you say these things?

  3. I'm going to Hookup with her again, I'm not getting a good vibe from her and even my friends are saying the same

  4. This works better with a dick on the bigger end but grab her shoulders or throat and pull her torso up so your bodies are nearly parallel and kiss her throat and shit. That or lean down far enough so that you’re breathing in her ear or kissing her. You can flip between these and normal so she doesn’t feel so left out for the whole process 🙂

  5. It’s a different sensation. I’ve only squirted a handful of times and it doesn’t even feel the same as peeing. It’s intense for me and I don’t even know it’s going to happen until I gush.

  6. I prefer thongs, because I liie to taking them off. But without panties is nice change time to time. So it is question on your man what he like. And of course, change is always good.

  7. Now imagine being a black woman! Anyway I don’t believe anyone is unattractive. You might need to adjust who you are going after but there’s always 1 to 10 people for you out there.

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