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  1. My partner was very much like that. Against anything anal for years and wouldn't even entertain the idea as it was for poop only. Eventually curiosity got the better of her and she's loved it ever since

  2. I think it probably varies a ton based in the woman. For a lot of women, it’s probably about confidence and finding the balance between “does this feel good” and just going to the next position. I dont think taking charge is a feature of bdsm only.

  3. Or maybe they just see white girls as plain looking. Are we going to assign a fetish to guys who only like girls wearing make-up or go tanning?

  4. So the brain is the largest sexual organ. The situation would have been a factor in her orgasm, no doubt. Other possibilities ould be that the shape of the guys dick just happens to hit a certain spot. Try not to be upset, rejoice in the fact it's possible for her which means you both can have a lot of fun trying to replicate it

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