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  1. It feels very good especially the thrust and having it deeper. I love when a man cums in me too you can feel it pulsate inside at times and that’s ?

  2. I agree with this and would add giving her compliments that she does something that excites you. That validation will also turn your partner on.

  3. I was confused when I first read this and now I understand how I've messed up lol whenever I see cowgirl I think “reverse cowgirl” not just sitting on his lap, soooo thanks you cleared that up for me

  4. This post breaks Rule 8-4 and has been removed. 4) LOW EFFORT MATERIAL. “Does anyone else…?”, “Is [X] normal/weird?”, “Is [y] wrong/bad/okay?”, and so forth. Human sexuality is incredibly varied; yes, someone else likes what you like, and labels like “normal” or “weird” are meaningless and in a sex positive community,

  5. Trust me, there's no way he's having sex with you while still asleep! And once he wakes up, 99.99% of the time he will be very happy to have you initiating. For that 0.01%, he will tell you he's too tired.

  6. Could be really fun! She is probably an amazing person who has had to overcome many issues in her life which probably also makes her really interesting.

  7. Violation of MULTIPLE group rules. Post removed. Please read the group rules and restricted content guidelines before posting again.

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