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  1. I know he’s good at it, and I know I’m not. I don’t like not being good at things. So I feel stupid.

  2. CNC can range from a freeuse dynamic where both partners want to use something different from No as safeword to a full fledged Rape Kink Scene. However, many fail to recognize the tamer versions as CNC. Have fun!

  3. Just make sure to tell him so he comes prepared to be comfy too. hey just fyi I’m thinking a cozy night in so I’ll be wearing pajamas Nothing worse than having on jeans and a button up trying to get all cozy

  4. Nothing sexual that is consensual should be considered a freak. Sounds like he’s aiming for a sexless marriage. He’s probably going to be a few times a year kind of guy, if that’s not you then let him down easily.

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  6. It kind of feels like you're being purposefully dense here. Obviously if someone says you can do what you want to be it means in a dirty way not in a wholesome let's bake pies together way.

  7. I had suspicions about the birth control for awhile. Not because of sex, but an increase of depression and anxiety a few fears back, that she just couldn't shake. We had talked about stopping it before, but she was always afraid to. Pregnancy, horrible periods again, what if everything got worse, etc — so we left it alone. Life happened and time got away from us. But here we are, and I have become opposed to hormonal BC as the default. I even wandered if it had something to do with my own parents relationship failing. (She was on it 14 years!)

  8. My wife and I have used toys for years. Started with a little bullet vibrator which is still one of her go to’s as sometimes she needs extra clitoral stimulation. I’ve never been self conscious about them and have actually encouraged a couple of our purchases. What’s also helped is that she’s consistently told me she’d rather have me than a toy. She doesn’t masturbate much as her drive is lower than mine, but even when she does she almost never uses them without me (her choice). Your wife loves you and loves having sex with you. She’s not looking to replace you. She just needs some help. As her partner, this is a great way to help her meet her need (orgasm/satisfaction) and to let her know her pleasure matters to you too.

  9. I don't think they're nearly as common. I have not seen one on a pharmacy shelf. I can't imagine they'd be as easy to use as rolling one on a guy. From a male perspective, I'd think it'd feel like using a live fleshlight!

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