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  1. No I honestly don’t think I would. It’s fantasy. I am not I satisfied with him. I don’t have sex with him thinking I wish his dock was bigger. I really don’t.

  2. I just looked at your profile. Does he know you do only fans? If so, he might not feel comfortable having sex with you. That's OK and needs to be respected.

  3. I was with you until you started spewing about the friend zone and calling OP a child. I had a simular relationship with a friend who I felt comfortable talking to about sex topics, years passed and I was fully under the impression that we were just friends that talked about this stuff, nothing ever happened physically. Then out of the blue he said “don't know if I'm reading this wrong, but if you and that guy don't work out, are you interested in me?” And I felt terrible, we were friends since we were 11 and I never saw him in that way. I had to be honest and said to him that it wasn't the case and we never really spoke much after… this made me realise that even with the closest male friends, there was an undertone of attraction, I talked openly about sex with all my female friends, including lesbian friends… yet the one guy I felt I trusted with that after years, still read into it like I was interested. So as much as I wish these casual friendships with guys where you can talk about sexual topics were truly just that… I don't think it's common. So it's not a friend zone, once you show your true colours, you're not a friend, and you weren't a friend in the first place if you viewed the girls as otherwise. :/

  4. First time I had sex with my now girlfriend she was on her period. It’s fine, not awkward unless you make it awkward. Just put a towel down for less clean up.

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