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Date: July 5, 2022

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  1. Thank you for reflective reply. Your thoughts are appreciated. As you may have identified from my communication with who others have thoughtfully shared their view on my query, I have certainly communicated to my wife how the current scenario is making me feel and the frustrations it brings with it. But have only done so in a way that is without frequency, nor pressure or expectation on any level. If I were honest with myself I part of me recognises that my wife, knowing her as I do, would be quite content with my frustrations continuing and not being able to be met as long as everything else I do remains the same I.e., prioritise our child and her. Yes this reflects a greater problem in our relationship but not one that will ever change, and given that I do not want to cause any disruption to our child’s life through separation my current dilemma is largely a fault of my own. As I have conveyed elsewhere in my thread, my posting was not expecting anything, I just valued the thoughts of a others who may have insights or even similar predicaments of their own. Thank you again and do enjoy your day.

  2. I like the way you worded this- I’ll word it this way to him. Thank you so much for that ☺️ and idk if it matters, but one of our favorite things during sex is degradation- so idk if the interest would be in furthering how far we’ve gone /: he likes a lot of things in my mouth and for me to beg- we take turns being submissive and dominant.

  3. I mean you doing stuff around the house doesn't mean you deserve sex or sex in a certain way. But you should probably discuss it, doesn't sound like she has a healthy view of sex if she won't ecen consider it.

  4. I peg my boyfriend sometimes, he's my Daddy and takes care of his babygirl other times. Switching is very possible.

  5. Doesn't want to actually introduce it is the key point here I think. Nothing to worry about, he just trusted you with some very personal information. I think cuckolding is a lot like rape fantasies in women — surprising that it is common yet easy to misunderstand. I think for me it's actually kind of a way to deal with the anxiety of it. I worry about my wife cheating, so I put a clown nose on that irrational fear so when I imagine watching it happen it feels absurd and fictional.

  6. What he said. Be patient and pay her full attention. Make her relax and all will be well. You are 18. It’s the very start of the journey. I am 46 and still learning after a big awakening two years ago.

  7. It doesn't make much sense because usually when you practice “no sex until marriage” it is to “preserve yourself” as waiting for a special moment you'll hold on to for someone you truly care. But in this case that ship has sailed already. Preserving yourself after already having sex outside of mariage is just occulting a part of what makes a couple a couple and finding out years down the line, which might be a tremendous waste of time for both parties involved. Might as well just not sleep with each other on the first dates and taking your time, like a few months, but at this point, and as adults you gotta know if you have sexual chemistry prior to marrying in my opinion. This practice held true when you were like 18 years old high-school sweethearts waiting for marriage or for very religious households, but its just a huge risk to take for very low reward outside of that context in my opinion.

  8. I hated them as well but honestly I grew into liking it, I actually really enjoy giving head now. Ask him to also pleasure you while you are doing it. That’s something me and my partner did and it made it much more intimate and enjoyable. I’ve also had “restrictions” and swallowing cum was one of them, I absolutely wouldn’t do it but the more I began to like giving head the more “nastier” I’d want to get and that’s how when I’d willingly want to swallow. It’s a process.

  9. we’ve explored other kinky stuff but it mostly just revolves around pain or dd/lg stuff never anything with his butt. honestly i am kind of scared just to even grab his butt when we’re making out cause I think he will react badly

  10. Agreed. I found this out, literally the first time! But at 18 you don't know what to believe. And tight doesn't always feel better. LOTS of variables here and people make way too many assumptions.

  11. All I will say is I personally would never wait until marriage especially when sex is very important to you because you're walking in blind as far as sexual compatibility goes.

  12. Emotional bond without sex, sounds like the definition of a friend to me. But, I would break up with him now if you think your going to be sleeping around.

  13. On this, would HSV1 only be transmissible if you had an active cold sore? It's not transmissible when dormant right (no sore).

  14. Girl, leave him. He is not worth it and you deserve better. Btw, it actually is incels who hate labia, but unfortunately your fiance is an incel. Guys who aren't incels don't use those words.

  15. So what? Everyone doesn’t have to have the same standards. There are probably plenty of people that would do it. He asked, you said no.

  16. Depends what he taking, for example heard cases where guy's load ,while on tren, caused effects on the girl such as mood fluctation and a bit of acne. If there was no load on you or your not feeling anything on your mood or skin, you are fine. It only cause very short term effect if it did happen but nothing permanent.

  17. Some men — a very statistically small % — have little to no refractory period. That's very unusual but it can certainly exist. ED pills can create a similar effect in a minority of users though it's usually about shortening the refractory period, not eliminating it completely.

  18. I had many STIs when I was young due to my prolific behavior. Luckily, never herpes, hep or HIV. The thing to do in my opinion is to vet someone that you can be mutually faithful with. Avoid rushing into sex. You will weed out the players by taking your time and trusting your gut. I'm an older guy now and really regret the many times I took antibiotics in my youth. They wreaked havoc on my immune system, microbiome etc. Better off if you never need them. I'm in a long term (hopefully forever) relationship (13 yrs) and TBH don't see myself ever having sex again if this ends. Mainly because I doubt I'll be as lucky and I don't want to get any STIs in my old age.

  19. 19f, I don’t care about hair. I was of the group that thought they preferred hairless men, and probably would’ve been turned off by a guy with a lot of hair previously. But when I saw my boyfriend shirtless for the first time, he had a lot of hair, more than I was expecting, and I loved it. I still do, and now prefer pretty hairy guys, I like hairless guys still but don’t mind if a guy has hair, I love it.

  20. Imagine being that weird. I literally lay on my stomach and told my boyfriend to wait while I squeezed all the air out, he waited, then carried on. You’ve dodged a bullet.

  21. Assuming your place is reasonable otherwise – clean, there exists a bathroom, etc., it should be okay. If he changes his mind based on your place, he’s not someone you’d want to be around anyway

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  23. Normally, we're a she cums first kind of couple. But sometimes my wife tells me she just wants me to “fill her up.” So one time it was primarily about intimacy and she just wanted me to be inside her. We were doing the thing and I told her I was close to cumming. I came and it was one where it would have taken me quite some time to get back in business. I asked if she felt like more and got an enthusiastic yes. So I used the clitoral suction toy and fingered her. She had a massive orgasm and afterwards told me, “New kink unlocked, cumming in me and then fingering me afterwards, that was hot as fuck.” So yeah, semen can be good lube sometimes for fingers too

  24. Communicate with him and ask what he wants. Work on it together and don't be afraid to ask him if what you're doing feels good

  25. not at all! as long as you know what is right, are confident, not naive and SENSIBLE with your decisions, it’s an understandable preference! men (or boys) at 20 aren’t exactly mature, or know a great deal about women’s bodies, whereas by 35+ they do know that! it’s a case of comparing compatibility on ALL fronts however. rather than just a sexual matter. best of luck xxx

  26. Pelvic floor Therapy. I did it after my C section and im back to normal. Seriously, talk to your OBGYN about it.

  27. Absolutely, 100%, freaking HOT when you reach down and a woman is wet. Instant boner, and an uncontrollable grunt from me.

  28. It happens to me a good amount of times but more often when I was younger. For me I feel like it happens for 2 reasons: 1. the sex is so good that Im instantly horny again and want more for round 2 2. I had a weak orgasm/bad sex and my dick barely even acknowledges that I just came and wants to fuck again to make up for it

  29. It's okay to be inexperienced. The next time you're hooking up with anyone you have a chance to practice setting boundaries. Boundaries, at the end of the day, are about respecting yourself, your needs, and your body. Being a pushover is giving permission to someone to not respect you and at the end of the day do you want to have sex with someone who doesn't respect you? So setting boundaries is a good thing. It helps you find out if the person you are sleeping with is even worth sleeping with in the first place. That being said, I do recommend getting an STD test. For me, We can't fuck without a condom unless we both have been tested and don't have anything. This is a boundary I have. STDs can impact my health, my future children's health, their health, and our ability to find partners if it doesn't work between us. There's nothing particularly wrong with having one either. There is something wrong with giving it to someone who didn't consent to getting one from you. It doesn't matter if you've only had 1 sexual partner (unless you're each other's first) or a 1000. Each time you sleep with someone you do run the risk of it. Planned parenthood let's you get tested for free or super cheap. Again, you're not dirty if you have one. It might just be harder due to the stigma and being a woman there are more possible health complications. Many men won't know they have one either because they don't always feel it or get tested. Overall, don't beat yourself up for not setting up boundaries. Learn from it and make sure you do it for yourself. Don't sleep with people who don't give the bare minimum of a fuck about your well being. There are plenty of men who will at least do that.

  30. ever since that happened, he has been scared that it happens again. How can we fix this? He needs to chill out. Putting pressure on himself is the boner killer.

  31. My fiance said he wanted to do this, and I was also surprised about how excited he was! He came within a few minutes just looking at my face ! To me it's odd, but I can't say I care….I was just shocked that he liked it so much. He only ever does this when he goes to work before I do and I don't want to get up and have sex.

  32. Your post was removed from /r/sex because it is too short to be likely to foster meaningful discussion. Consider posting again with a little more detail. If you feel this action is in error, you may also message the moderators to request that your post be reviewed. Remember, please, to not ask for the impossible. If your post IS really short, we will hesitate to reinstate it, even if you ask nicely. I am a bot, and this action was performed automatically. Please contact the moderators of this subreddit if you have any questions or concerns.

  33. Talk, talk, talk. Ask her if you snog, and things get heated, what she is okay with happening after. If she ask what you are okay with happening, tell her that you are okay with sex but would want everyone to be on the same page. Things can get messy with a friend but if boundaries are made before hand you can avoid a lot of the mess. Just be smart and follow the rules set before hand and everyone will have a good time.

  34. This is such a reddit comment it actually hurts. >You have every right to be turned off I don't think she ever said she was turned off. She said it was “disturbing”. Of course, she has a right to be turned off. Nobody would argue there's anything that doesn't give you the right to be turned off. You, nor I, nor nobody is morally obligated to be turned on. Why are people like you so completely unable to parse a sentence? In the UK half of the early English curriculum is in literacy(“particular ways of thinking about and doing reading and writing”). I'm assuming you don't that where you came from, because you might as well have not read the post.

  35. I can go 3-5 rounds over the course of the night, I use my mouth every time. It's something we both enjoy heavily. We do also use toys while in the refractory period between rounds 3-5. Im trying to go for more than that but it seems like it may not be a thing. Is there a way to shorten the refractory?

  36. Nothing I said was “extreme”. I'm sorry people are giving her truthful answers that don't align with what she, and apparently you, want to hear.

  37. You can always use a thin well lubed vibrator for extra stimulation Ones that are bent to hit your ground spot will also hit hip P spot ?

  38. I would say in general with sex, if you have to ask about letting a partner know, you should just let them know. Have fun!

  39. You are way overthinking this…. If you want to make your partner happy, let yourself enjoy what they do to you, and make sure you get yours in the process. As a man, nothing is more satisfying than having a partner actively sharing the enjoyment of the experience.

  40. Spot on – always the same way becomes less interesting. You're kind of implying this, but the only thing I'd clarify is that as the (m) I'd want would my (f) partner to be more aroused as a result of the choice she's made. What's hot in the end is the excitement building and the anticipation of what will happen next

  41. Vibrators have been around over 100 years and there's absolutely no clinical evidence that supports the idea that vibrators cause “desensitization.” If that exists at all, it's going to be highly unique and specific to individuals vs. being a general phenomenon.

  42. Perfect use of pulling in these cases and studies means making sure no semen or cum gets in or near the vagina since there’s sperm inside of them. Precum can contain sperm as well. Your studies are bullshit, man. Pulling out is not a very effective way of preventing pregnancy because most of the time it’s not used perfectly.

  43. If what you first described occurs every time, he’s just frustrated at having to put so much effort in if all that is wants every now and again is a quickie. He shouldn’t expect you to orgasm from a quickie if that’s what happens. You work the way you work. If you want max pleasure or if he wants to see you have max pleasure, the extra work has to be done. It’s not a horrible thing for most women to have sex without orgasm. Most still enjoy the intimacy.

  44. First and foremost, a sex toy can help to spice things up in the bedroom. When you've been with the same partner for a long time, it's easy to fall into a routine and lose that sense of excitement and adventure. A sex toy can help to break up that monotony and introduce new sensations and experiences into your sex life. But it's not just about the physical pleasure. Introducing a sex toy into your marriage can also open up new lines of communication between you and your partner. By discussing your desires and preferences, you'll deepen your emotional connection and build a stronger, more fulfilling relationship. Of course, it's important to approach this new experience with an open mind and a willingness to experiment. Start with something simple and easy to use, like a bullet vibrator or a couples' ring. Be sure to communicate openly with your partner about what feels good and what doesn't, and don't be afraid to try new things. At the end of the day, introducing a sex toy into your marriage can be a fun and exciting way to explore new aspects of your sexuality and strengthen your bond with your partner. So why not give it a try? Check out our selection of high-quality sex toys to find the perfect addition to your love life.

  45. It sounds like you are sexually incompatible. You are going to continue to be frustrated and resent that more over time, I know this from experience. Unfortunately, love is not enough in most situations. It wasn't for me. If you're not ready to throw in the towel just yet, try couples counseling/sex therapy.

  46. yes! my bf thinks he’s small so he became a master of cunnilingus to please me + he enjoys it (although he’s actually very average sized)

  47. Sit on the toilet and push to get a lot of it out, pee, wipe front to back. Optional: wet your fingers and scoop some out, rinse hands with cold water, repeat. Optional: take a shower/bath and do the above in the shower/bath, use a gentle soap on the outside of the vulva. A good rule is if it grows hair it can be washed with soap. Don't put soap or anything except water inside unless you have a medical issue and your doctor recommends it. Keep using condoms. They make cleanup a lot easier, prevent STIs and lessen the chance of pregnancy even further.

  48. I really just wanna reach through my screen and give you a hug. You shouldn't be dealing with this. Noone should pressure you into sexual acts you aren't wanting to do and his age makes it even worse. There's really no being good in bed it's just compatibility with your partner, when you are new to sex this takes a bit of communication. When you feel safe exploring new things can be really fun but this situation sounds bad.

  49. That really falls into personal preference. I don't like threesomes in general because I'm not a cuck nor gay. Plus I can't even handle sex in general, a threesome for me would be two guys but like I said above I can't handle ONE. I won't criticize him for asking but man it does come off offensive a bit as if I'm not enough so he rather have another just in case.

  50. Might be a little strange to show up the first time with the whole bag of accessories, just like I’m not going to go 100% unleashed the first time. (Unless, of course- that’s something you’ve talked about.)

  51. I wonder if there would be enough interest for a separate kissing subreddit with pics and techniques?

  52. That’s probably a good call. We’re actually going shopping for butt plugs in a few days because we apparently both have an affinity for anal

  53. Ok a few things here. A. you should never be not having a period and at most you should go 3 months without one. Not shedding the lining of your uterus that has been built up (yes it still does that on BC) can lead to cancer. So she should be having a period at least 4 times a year for her health. B. I am horrible about remembering to take pills. I am not on BC anymore as I have done pills (I generally end up just forgetting to take them after a few months of being really good and then never start back up) and the arm implant (didn't work good for me). My husband is snipped just so I don't have to worry about it. C. the Pill is only at its peak of effectiveness (so like 98%) if you take it exactly as prescribed (every day exactly the same time) and do not take anything that could lower its effectiveness (antibiotics, Drink orange juice, etc.) So even if you are not skipping like she is it really isn't a perfect science. There are 1000s of live births of BC babies a year. D. I get what she means. It feels like you are a parent double checking that she did a chore. It is degrading even if she does “need” the reminder. Unless she wants the reminder don't do that. You could maybe suggest she set a personal reminder but only do that once and then you take your hands off of the subject as to reminding her daily. I recommend she just comes off of it. She needs to let her body chill for a minute. You both just need to understand that regardless of the measures you take (BC, condoms, snip, etc. (Unless she gets EVERYTHING taken out)), if you have sex you could get pregnant. Happens all the time. With people who double, triple, and even quadruple BC coverages. So your risk is no higher or lower honestly if you just use condoms. As long as you use them EVERY SINGLE TIME.

  54. You are naive and that's cute. But doesn't matter if you love her or she “loves you”. Sometimes is more than that and her lack of sexual attraction for you will be the end of your relationship. One day she will find someone else sexy or sexually attractive or she will just cheat. Or you. I'm sorry to tell you but this relationship is a no go. Be egoist and thibk about yourself. Sex is important between to persons that L lo be each other, anyone who come and said that sex is not the main thing in romance, can suck it. Good luck pal and be strong.

  55. It's hot, especially if you like showing off. It's even hotter if it turns into making your own porn

  56. Just wanted to say I’m at the same point in my marriage as well, but we’re both tired all the time and have 3 kids with an infant as our youngest. Sex for us is maintenance and she genuinely appreciates it even though she never initiates it cause I do most of the work. But there’s a reason we have 3 kids. After a year of breastfeeding eventually she returns to her exercise routine and then gets horny again and we inadvertently make another kid. So, it’s a cycle. Difference this time is I’m sterilized so no more risk. Stick it out. Keep banging your wife. It’s only temporary. Make sure you both stay healthy.

  57. Did you miss the part where I said I’m in a “current LTR” or are you fucking illiterate? So you’re saying I’m being used because I have exes? This is what I’m talking about, right here. Misogynistic hate speech. Like slut shaming isn’t enough, now we’re relationship shaming too. Go stick your dick in a fleshlight

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