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  1. Is there enough foreplay for you? Are you feeling nervous in any way? “Stretching out”, unless it's very extreme, is accomplished by being extremely aroused. This is known as vaginal tenting – basically, the vaginal opening gets larger and the tissues get stretchier with higher levels of arousal. But if you're nervous or not aroused enough, it can make insertion difficult.

  2. ANY man would LOVE to hear this. Definitely tell him, OP. This dude could literally be your future husband, depending on how this next couple of weeks go!

  3. Typically when I've done it we start with me bending over to do like a half assed toe touch(just the positioning) then once he's in slowly using the wall to climb my hands to a comfortable level. You just have to be careful because sometimes the water makes it a bit more painful on the women's end. Or the women put one leg on the side of the tub and you lower and raise into it not fully pressed against the wall but like leaning the front against it. I've always personally enjoyed it but I've always enjoyed on the bed sex alot better lol

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