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  1. Im not saying I am an expert by any means, but i have been complimented on my skills in the oral pleasure department many times, and yet to have any complaints, concerns or grievances. I was once told by an older woman i had a fling with when i was in my mid 20's that i gave “world class head”.. so take it or leave it, but here are some of my go to methods.. -Tongue ABC's and 123's (i like to spell things in cursive) -Suck, smooch the clit (varying between soft and tender, & hard and assertive) -Dont forget to give her folds some attention too. Kind of like the old “dont forget about the balls” anecdote for guys -Use the entire length of your tongue for licking, lapping and penetration. I guarantee she can feel your taste buds. -Try Dirty Talk (my favorites are: “i want to tongue fuck your pussy until you to come in my mouth” or complimenting how good her pussy tastes) -Fingers and Toys are on your team. Use them well and in tandem with your mouth service. -Mints and ice cubes add nice variety to the mix. -Some women like having their pubic hair lightly pulled, tugged at or played with. Try it out. -dont be afraid to assert yourself and change positions to better devour her gentials. Eat it from ANY WHICH WAY, ALL SIDES, ANGLES, AND DIRECTIONS. -Be sure she knows that you would like her to communicate to you exactly what she wants/needs/desires for you to do to pleasure her the best way possible. (I dated a woman that told me to lightly bite her clit every now and then when i would go down on her. It helped her cum extra hard when she reached a certain point) -be selfless in the act. Do it because you want to bring them pleasure. Not because you want something in return. -If your jaw aint sore, you aren't putting enough effort in. Especially If this is someone you care about, then treat your lovers gentials, with the same enthusiasm and gusto that you would wish your junk to be treated with, when the tables are turned. Hopefully these “tips” can help someone out. They've treated me well throughout my career.

  2. I look at all sort of guys, so please dont feel this way. You can have a positive effect talking to a professionel, if you have low selfesteem. But please dont torture yourself or your boyfriend with this.

  3. nah like at first we were just having regular sex a lot because he understood i didnt wanna do anal anymore and then maybe a couple weeks later i noticed we stopped having as much sex, he gives excuses like hes busy or stressed bc of work, but then when those situations arent an excuse he still is in the shower a lot and using his hand. he goes thru so many vids on reddit forums all anal stuff and i know this bc i saw it one day rip. btw i norm dont go crazy and check the phones (forst time ever) but i knew something was up and i knew he wouldnt tell me the truth. he watches so many anal pages

  4. It's totally fine. Some girls like being submissive, others like being dominan, others like both. There's nothing to worry about. Just be careful with your partners.

  5. Here's a lesson I learned way too late in life. I caused myself way too much pain and misery fretting over the way things ought to be. It doesn't matter the way things should be. This is the way things are. This is the reality of your situation. One technique that helped me move past that is visualizing myself as a character I was watching go through things and thinking, as an observer, what would I want this person to do in this situation. It's hard and I'm sorry this is happening to you and that things didn't turn out the way you had hoped. You deserve better. You deserve to have your needs met. The only way that will happen though is if you are able to create and enforce the boundaries needed to extricate yourself from situations and people that don't fit that purpose. This is how you love yourself.

  6. Lol I have date nights with my girl friends all the time. We have girl dates. And when we have girl nights, you better believe when we’re starting to fall asleep we’re in a cuddle puddle and having some of our deepest conversations. It’s super sad that people think they can’t be intimate with their friends. My closet friends are like my sisters and we’ll still walk arm in arm and hug all over each other if we’re out. And it’s not cheating cus our partners are secure enough in themselves and our relationships.

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