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  1. Yes … this sub is only for seeking specific, actionable advice about your own sex life. If there is some other material that you would like to post to the sub, you need to contact the Mod team through “Message the Mods” prior to posting.

  2. For the guy, it feels pretty mediocre, but the view is 10/10. Obviously you have no clit in your cleavage so you feel nothing, but it’s always a pleasure to give someone else pleasure. Just make sure he attends to your needs after.

  3. Not to be rude but Dam, this was the opposite in my household before we recently split. I typically work 10-12 hrs per day, and most saturdays and I couldn’t get laid 2x a week unless it was a special occasion. I’m surprised but you didn’t mention your age, 20’s-40’s? 50+? Did you ever talk to a dr? Maybe you have some testosterone issues? Idk what’s up with everyone in here, but 50-55 hrs is a healthy work week but it’s not that bad, 7-10’s for a few weeks straight, I can totally sympathize, but idk what you do for a living. 10 hr days are the norm in my world I guess. I’m a contractor btw. What is it you do? Physical? Or mental? Stressful?

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