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Date: June 26, 2022

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  1. From a man's perspective, nothing is more of a mood-killer when your partner gives you restrictions where the ejaculate may go. I understand the gross nature of the substance and boundaries should be set as to not be degrading or uncomfortable on your end. At the same time, his climax is the end result of sex and sacrifices may be needed on your end. Maybe you can tie his 'deposits” to a reward system.

  2. There are wayyyyyy more than 3 intimate spots on a woman's body, so he should stop thinking of your body in terms of sex/not-sex. The initiator is always giving first. If I'm horny first, I gotta get her going before we can fuck. If she's horny first, she's gotta get me going before we can fuck. That's just the basic reality of horniness. If he's resentful of this, he's got some growing up to do. Is it possible that his real frustration is that you don't ever initiate? This can be a very big deal for some couples.

  3. A towel is handy but we suggest Puffs without lotion. They are disposable and the handy little box on the night stand can simply stay there. My wife went through a period like that post menopause. It was simply her body adjusting to new hormone levels and actually letting herself go during intimacy. Take it as a win, take a sec to wipe and go on. It does get better.

  4. Most women need clitoral stimulation to orgasm. It doesn't make you weird, or wrong, or broken to need that. It would be like you only touching your husband's balls because you don't think he needs his penis touched to orgasm.

  5. Oh Hell No! I'm totally fucking turned on when my wife squirts. It's so fucking hot. Fuck mess— bring it On!

  6. While I.m can’t speak for most guys, I love every sexual aspect of my partner (as part of loving every aspect of her anyway.) She is my soulmate. My dream girl. She both feels like because I love her so much and objectively stunningly gorgeous, funny, smart m, talented and has been the whole 6 years we’ve been together. Once I’m finished, if I’m not still ready, it takes little more than a few minutes of cuddling her perfect, naked body and going down her again (which is absolute favourite thing in the world to do) to turn me on instantly for another round. After all this time there is no sign of losing any attraction or drive for her. If anything, it’s increasing. I feel so blessed to be with her and feel her love me as much as I love her and I make sure she knows that every day. I feel downright spoiled being in love with someone who means so much to me who is also incredibly sexy and beautiful.

  7. Never understood why women like this can't put in the effort themselves. Why is it your job to get her horny, instead of her doing things to also get herself going? And honestly OP, there are plenty of women who don't need constant work to get them in the mood, who have a high sex drive, and who initiate without prodding. Something to think about. Tons of people post on Reddit a few years down the line saying things like “my wife never really wanted sex, and now I have none and I hate my relationship.” Don't be one of the men who knew early on there was a problem, but got trapped anyway.

  8. I've asked her to explain it to me, but she says that it is extremely unattractive and unsexy having to explain it and is strongly against that since it'll kill all desire for her. This just sounds like the words of someone who doesn't want to take responsibility for their own feelings. You can't expect life to work like a choreographed dance number. You have to accept that things aren't always going to work the way you imagine them to. Realistically, you need to push back when she says this, and be clear that adults don't expect the world to take care of them without their active participation.

  9. If he so desperately wants anal sex, have you tried giving, instead of receiving? I suggest a really big sex toy so he can truly experience the joy of it. I’m being serious. He should not be doing that to you if he is unwilling to experience it from you. You can ask him to stop doing that if you dislike it. His needs end where your pain and discomfort begins.

  10. There's an easy solution. Take either Viagra (or its generic Sildenafil), or Cialis (generic: Tadalafil). if you're in a country where the generics are available, take them — they're much cheaper and work just as well as their brand-name counterparts. Be sure to read the manual first though!

  11. Well, you should have started with r/SexEducation before having unprotected sex. I can't fathom why you would do that unless she actually wanted a baby.

  12. OP seems like a bit of a red flag. In one post, she was trying to get people to “find” (basically make up, they're strangers on the internet) context for a guy not wanting to have sex on the first date, even though he made himself clear. She should've just accepted the no and taken what he said at face value instead of trying to find some hidden meaning.

  13. I would never trust an online hook up if he says he’s STI/STD free and has had a vasectomy. If he’s lying, he can totally mess up your life from having sex just once. I would make him provide documentation to prove it, or just request that he wear a condom. Be safe out there!

  14. Women aren’t really into dick pics. But if you’re going to send one, it should be sensual and clean. Nothing turns me off faster than a dick pic with an unkempt room, dirty nails, or his feet. Having a clear or neat background is good. Clean hands and nails are bare minimum if you’re going to be posing with your hand in the shot. Veiny arms/ rugged hands are hot too. I feel like the stomach angle is the hottest angle. I love a close up of a hard on laying on the stomach, no hands. An angle from the balls up basically. I wish men would do more dick videos if I’m being honest lmao. Not full on masturbation videos but “edging” videos. We love a good tease. Giving your cock a few rubs in a sensually lit, clean room with clean hands…SIGN ME UP. Also, be vocal if you plan on doing this 🙂

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