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  1. Mwell i do get almost all the way in my anal without it hurting but the last like 2- 3 millimeter really hurt if i push that too xd

  2. I think it’s hot af. One of my exes would often wake me up with his mouth, or inside of me. I loved it. Also, I feel like it’s the one time where I can literally just lay there, because they woke me up from a dead ass sleep.

  3. My partner didn’t like that it made it more uncomfortable for him because there was less padding. But he never had an issue with how it looked

  4. Man you worded it exactly how I've felt about it too…. that IF she's into it… because if she isn't, im not looking for it or fantasizing about it…. but as soon as she mentions an interest in something it gets me going because it gets her off, and her pleasure and fulfillment is my biggest concern….

  5. Maybe if she cheated on him. But she didn’t. She had a conversation about opening up the marriage. He didn’t even have a conversation with her about it. He made up his mind on what he was going to do and then did it. He ousted her from his life without extending to her the human decency of an adult conversation about his intentions. I’m not saying her suggestion wasn’t stupid or short sighted. But his response was exceptionally cruel.

  6. No accounting for taste I guess. The one thing I would keep an eye out ,and I hope I'm wrong in seeing it as a red flag, is him having a bit of a maddona/whore complex. You might want to dig into that a little bit and see what's what. You don't want any part in that kind of a relationship.

  7. Because the Person you regularly sleep with really wants to watch and has asked you to? They may want to watch your technique to improve their own? This should be enough reason, unless you have a huge boundary around being watched or mutual masturbation. Or does the “as a man” part prevent you from doing things for the person you regularly sleep with? Or is the “as a man” a cultural indicator of roles, where it would be weak to masturbate when your wife has duty to do that?

  8. It usually means they only date people who identify as queer, probably because they identify as queer themselves and feel more comfortable and compatible with a partner who shares that lived experience.

  9. You'll eventually level out. The first couple months I was a honey mother fucker. I also leveled out a lot more when I split my dosage up over 3x a week vs just one weekly injection.

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