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  1. It's a treasure hunt….and a worthy one, with much reward for all your work…happily ever after. So, don't give up! There are a LOT of different ways that people achieve orgasms. It's very possible you just haven't found “your way” yet. Some people cross their legs and enjoy the squeezes, some people hump a pillow, some people like water streams, some like vibrators, some like their finger on their clitoris, some like their fingers inside, some like anal stimulation, , some need their breasts or nipples involved, some need a feather-soft touch, others need a more vigorous rub, some need penetration while others don't, some need visual stimuli like porn, some prefer reading their porn, some need to fantasize about something unrealistic, some need to feel loved by another person in that moment, it's just a lot to explore. So, be patient with yourself, and keep exploring all the ways. Stress and anxiety…..those are frustrating, and unfortunately incompatible with orgasm most of the time. Though I wouldn't suggest becoming dependent on either of these, alcohol or marijuana are certainly tools used to “unwind” in the general sense. And if relaxation is what you seek, then either of those would work. Maybe once you're more relaxed you can explore more freely. And once you find your “thing” then you probably won't need to use the alcohol or MJ to get there anymore, because you will know your path to pleasure. MJ in particular has a unique ability to relax you, make the world smaller in a good way, and heighten sensations….so, if all else fails and you haven't tried adding that, then, consider it. One more thing…..don't focus all your energy on “the big O”. Just focus on the moment you are in, and what feels good in that moment. If it feels good, explore it, enjoy it, and if it starts to fade after a bit, add in the variety of something else. The idea should be to enjoy the whole session, all of the sensations, even if they don't result in an orgasm you'll still feel (hopefully) a sense of feeling relaxed, pampered and spoiled.

  2. I've ueard you got control of sex. Double or triple the time between sex and tell him he's only getting it this time because he's going to tell you. And then if he doesn't triple that time again.

  3. Maybe, maybe not. Things can go stale in a relationship even with love. Possibly approach him with the idea of couples therapy?

  4. Don't do the shots. They can be absolutely horrible if used longer than a couple years. Suggest the patch (once per week, non-invasive), IUD (hormonal or non-hormonal/copper, good for 7+ years), nuvaring, etc. if you're worried about her remembering to take the pill. I would personally suggest an IUD as they're most effective with no maintenance essentially.

  5. Cheating is what the couple defines it as. There are situations with no physical contact that my wife and I would consider cheating and there are actual sex acts with other people we do not. Define clear boundaries and communicate.

  6. He's a dumbass, holding on to often repeated middle school nonsense about how vaginas work. He hasn't stretched you out too much. If anything, your vagina is likely tighter than ever – muscles that get used are stronger. I fist my wife fairly often. I promise, my big hand is WAY bigger than whatever willy he's packing. If I fuck her immediately after? Sure, she's loose. Give it an hour, she's back to normal. You've learned to relax and stretch, but he hasn't changed your vagina. Unless you are a size queen and psychologically get off on a dude with size, you'll find that regular sized dudes are still just as fun to fuck.

  7. I am in an open relationship and when I meet with others, I have one simple rule. If they aren’t willing to do that or even eager to, I am not the right person for them. I absolutely love giving and receiving oral, so if that’s not on the menu, I am out. Fortunately, I rarely encounter someone not willing to do it.

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