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  1. Consent is vital, and my husband knows all my cues. I could be just enjoying the moment for what it is and not want to take it further., I feel that as a woman we can be vocal and say no when we don’t want it to go further. I think you did the right thing though as far as first dates:) just remember to have an open line of communication regardless of if it ruins the moment.

  2. Legal action won't make him forget what he saw. You know it's over after it, he knows it too. You should file a report to take the ex out of your feet? Absolutely. This will save your current relationship? No. It sucks but it is what it is, no point in denying the truth.

  3. First of all, don’t use the term “run through” because it’s disgusting. Second of all, no, it doesn’t and shouldn’t. If it does, that’s the minority and you wouldn’t want to marry somebody like that anyway

  4. Jesus Christ are you an incel? Why are you guys trying to coerce her to have sex with someone she already said she doesn’t want to have sex with? What it wrong with you

  5. I’m not sure how true this is, but it seems to me that everyone that has lost their virginity has devoted their time, energy and resources into that other person after. Most of us were kids when we lost it, but I think it does change things for people.

  6. On the flip side sometimes I just can't cum and women often feel bad about that and you have to explain that it's not their fault etc etc. Some of it is mental on my part, if I'm not in the right mindset it just won't happen. So you know, one man's blessing is another's curse.

  7. Oh 100%. My heart rate has been elevated for the past 6 weeks according to my fitness tracker I wear. All day my heart is pounding through my chest. I had to drop caffeine consumption recently because it triggers my anxiety waaaay too much now. The moment I think of sex my body goes numb now. I’ve never experienced anything like it.

  8. It happens to the best of us, brother. Often it just means you’re rushing, you’re not sufficiently aroused. Give yourselves time for a little foreplay, you don’t need to jump straight to sex. Rub her, go down on her, this will likely turn you in quite a bit as well. If your little soldier is too nervous to show up, just focus on her until she comes. Re: condoms… these few tips should help. Don’t put it in until you’re 100% ready (see foreplay advice above). Putting on a condom is a multi step process. Break it up into its component pieces. Trying to do it all at once while you’re both aroused is like stopping to do an algebra process (and is a boner killer, particularly if you’re a little nervous). Keep it close. If it’s not close, get it before you need or are ready for it, and put it on the nightstand or something. Then go back to focusing on her. Then open the wrapper. Then go back to her. Only when you are fucking good and ready, put it on. Have her put it on for you, while continuing to touch you. Basically, rather than stopping the action to go out on a uniform, incorporate the act of putting it on into the sex itself. You’re way more likely to keep it up. Trust me, this advice is the byproduct of a lot of frustrating trial and error lol

  9. Thanks, I did talk to her last night, she says it’s because she doesn’t feel good in herself at the moment cos she’s gained a bit of weight in the last couple years (she did used to initiate half the time) I’m glad I spoke to her about it because now I know to not stop initiating so it doesn’t reinforce any of those negative feelings she has about herself. She’s not big at all she just used to be super thin and she doesn’t feel as sexy as she used to. Now I know it’s nothing to do with me I’ve no problem continuing being the initiator

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