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  1. The only issue in your entire post is the fact that your friend went and shared this with other people. That is not your friend. Regarding the ass-to-mouth thing… well, it's nobody's business but yours (and your partner's.) You enjoyed it? Great! That's all that matters. But seriously, get better friends.

  2. No, because most guys struggle to even find one girl to date . Statistically on dating apps, where most people are finding dates, 80 percent of the women are only dating the top 20 percent of men. It could be youre only choosing the top 20 percent of men . The top 20 percent of men aren't looking to date.

  3. I don’t like fish. I would happily give fish to someone who does like fish. Simple, no? Same logic.

  4. No, he is the overreacter, it’s been discussed and we both know it. It has nothing to do with me. It’s more about being honest with each other because we really had nothing from each other but I don’t need to get into his personal details for examples

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  6. Seems like a good chance that you're morally in the clear, but it sounds like you aren't too interested in her but are thinking of going through with it anyway. Is that the part that bothers you so much?

  7. Unpopular opinion but unless they asked to know your kinks you shouldn't have shared that information without consent. Even if you were on the topic of sex in general, sharing your personal sexual info is different. Not saying their reaction is okay either

  8. more friends in the bedroom the better… You should bring them all for the slumber party and make sure he uses each one on you first ?? you don't want to upset your friends by being left out.

  9. I would’ve said our relationship is great, but my friends for some reason say it’s not so I went for okay haha. Things like his difficulty compromising and not wearing a seatbelt in the car/letting me wear a broken one they point out the most but other than that I think we’re good 🙂

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