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  1. no masterbation for a couple months. There’s something else going on. I can’t imagine performance anxiety jerking myself off. This may be a libido or ED issue. Both can be driven by hormone problems. I recently went through that myself. Diagnosis is via an easy blood test.

  2. I’ve seen many people say have a heart to heart with your current guy and I agree. Tell him everything you said here and specify your Ex wanted you to always say those things, it was play-acting! It was the Ex’s kink, not yours. And yes, prosecute the Ex’s loser ass and sue him if he has any money. AND tell everyone who know you and the Ex why you’re doing this!

  3. When I was 22/23 I went to school with people age 19/20. I didn't think the difference would be that big, but let me tell you, those three years felt like a whole generation of difference. It was like they had their own language and culture I wasn't in on. At only 3 years age difference, even I struggled to find something in common with them. I can't imagine being with someone who wasn't even born when I was 30 (I'm currently 27 so my partner wouldn't even be born yet for several years! Not even a baby, not even planned, my god!)

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