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  1. There’s always someone better out there tho, so most people are settling. Problem is it could take forever to find that person so most people find someone good enough. Like i’m married. I could eventually randomly meet a woman that is a way better match for me than my wife. More shared interests, personalities mesh better, and stuff like that. But I don’t care, I love my wife. The absolute perfect woman for me wouldn’t get me to leave my wife. But that’s kind of settling.

  2. …because spit is enough lube for that 1) Please always use LOTS of lube for all anal play. The tissues are more fragile than you think and can get irritated easily. 2) Your bf needs to learn how to give good anal play/penetration. It's possible he learned how from watching porn, which is very unrealistic. He probably needs to go about 10 times slower than he thinks he does, and keep checking in with you to see how it feels and if you are still enjoying it. Anal play is extremely vulnerable and he needs to do everything he can to make you feel comfortable and safe. ESPECIALLY since you have a history of SA. 3) You need to be your own advocate and tell him what you want and what you don't want, what you need to feel safe and comfortable. That might even mean no anal sex. If that's the case and he gets upset, it means he does not care about your feelings, which is a HUGE red flag.

  3. Had similar experience. It feels like an unfair trade whenever I would go down but him not doing the same. You should talk about it, or suggest a 69 that way it’s fair.

  4. Idk I usslly only like the idea of having sex with someone I have a connection with. That requires trust, and feeling relaxed around a woman. Ussally that's something that takes me longer to figure out and act on.

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