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  1. I know this isn't what u want to hear but have you considered that the Mormon values of chastity and purity until marriage could be very beneficial. I say this because I know soooo many girls that have thrown themselves into hookup culture and casual sex who are very hurt by it and I would hate for that to happen to you. I do understand the desire to break away from your religion, I know Mormons can be especially strict , but I do think you should consider what your doing before going all the way down this road. Especially since it sounds like your uncomfortable with the thought of having sex, which most women are unless it's with someone that is committed to them.

  2. Who cares? It genuinely doesn’t matter what other people think about your own sex life. If you both want to fuck on the first date then do it. If you don’t then don’t do it. If anyone judges you then they’re not worth sleeping with. The only person whose answer to this question matters, is yours. If the date goes well and we have the opportunity I always fuck on the first date ?Why waste time dating someone you’re sexually incompatible with

  3. Seems like a natural progression since you didn't object to it. Yes, the right thing to do would be to discuss it.

  4. The mind can be a big factor, if you're too focused on the mechanics of it and things not working. I've gone into a viscous cycle like that. Being with somebody new (especially after being out of the game for a while) can cause performance anxiety. Lastly, were you drinking? That can interfere with things.

  5. Yes, almost everytime we have sex actually! He doesn't even expect anything in return (I'm working myself up to be confident enough to give him a blow job honestly) But… admittedly, I had a previous partner that went down on me in a way that I found more pleasurable, it was more like sucking and gentle kissing, kind of like a French kiss but my current partner is too direct, his tongue is too pointed and direct on my clit from the get-go and it's too much… I don't know how to bring myself to say it to him, difficult lately to confidently speak my mind in the bedroom. Aghh I don't know… its tough to be clear about what I want when I only have a loose idea of what I think I might like. :/

  6. amem, but the problem is that he's a men. What is the dangeroused thing in the world? The combat spine of a men. The atmosphere that created by the comments is a classic feminist trash. It's simple. she has her boundaries and thats it. No more stupid story telling why he's an evil person because he wants the most natural thing that humans do for hundred of thousand years. But who the hell we would be if some womens not begins a war against the fucking penis of a men. ? So simple: Accept her boundaries or just leave the relationship. (sry for my bad english)

  7. If she's on her period and her cycle is regular, the chances are pretty low she would get pregnant. Ovulation takes place about 14 days from start of the cycle (first day of period). Your sperm won't survive more than 5 days in her, exceptions with a maximum of 8 days known.

  8. Ok yes to dumping him for all the reason but don't move on omg. Figure out how to read people first so you stop dating assholes, seriously it's a learned skill. Also figure out what qualifies you actually treasure in a partner and look for those. Mine is kindness first, then empathy, then adventurous. Look at how they treat others , critically analyze their actions. Good luck, find kind people.

  9. I kept trying to flirt and be sexy How did he respond to this? If he wasn't reciprocating here don't move forward with initiating. Flirting is great because it can be fun in and of itself, it may help get the other person in the mood, and most importantly it allows you to gauge the other persons interest.

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