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  1. White men currently top all the content created and consumed. FYI. Nothing about it is hard to accept because it’s, behold, not true

  2. I honestly didnt expect anyone to be understanding and patient with him, but im glad you were that person.

  3. “Big dick energy” has nothing to do with having an actual big dick. It’s about being confident, self-possessed and secure in your capabilities and judging from your post that’s probably where you need to put in the work my dude.

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  5. At 15, I was 6'4 and had a full beard. I was able to get served in pubs without anyone thinking about IDing me.

  6. That helps explain it to me somewhat. I guess I can't really appreciate differences you experience being I'm without the same parts.

  7. It’s normal. You have something on your mind. And the more you worry about it the more it can happen. Go for a walk or run. Lose stress. Lose anxiety. Could be diet or life things. It happens to all guys. It’s normal. Try not to stress about it because they usually causes it more.

  8. No. It's not fun to explore something together when one person is gonna get left out. Doesn't look like she finds OP attractive. Imagine being in a threesome with two women that don't want you there.

  9. I see, it's those women. That will be trickier. It is tough because if that is what he wants, which again is understandable if they are attractive and you are around them, but he needs to find his own way. Somehow you will have to get him to understand that.

  10. This dude is BAD NEWS. You can't trust your body, trust, and sexual vulnerability to someone like this. It is GOING TO end badly for you if you do. I can't overstate this.

  11. This is very normal. I haven’t tried it myself. I hear they’re kinda sketch but can be fun. Be very careful if you decide to go.

  12. My husband jokes all the time about being in his “prime man years” (28-32 is apparently the consensus?) and thus making him more eager to knock me up. But we’re in the same boat as you two-and the same ages-and we’ve got shit to do first and both know we won’t have them for a few years yet. But he wants it baaaddd. I’m holding my ground on the time frame for the time being, but I fucking LOVE feeding into it. It’s definitely my kink too. So I tease him and get him all worked up and beg him to fill me and the like. Interestingly enough, I’m often already pregnant in our fantasies and daydreams. Getting a little big, having that healthy glow, lactating, barefoot in a sundress he gets to hike up to claim me again. So yes a breeding kink, and yes he is excited to get you pregnant, and they can be the same but they don’t have to be! Have fun, sounds hot as fuck

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