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  1. You just need a situation where your internal thoughts are pushed in the right direction. This is a really good way of putting it. I think I’ve gotten so in my head about this the last couple of years that when I know we’re trying to generate a reaction my internal thoughts are in a loop of something like “is this working? Nope. Not horny yet. Maybe if we change the music…” So then I feel pressure and stressed. What I’m not doing is intentionally trying to push my thoughts in the right direction

  2. That’s your answer right there. He was so stressed he broke free? That’s an intense fight or flight reaction! Good luck coming back from that

  3. Are you open to him having a gay sex fantasy (or real) life if he meets your needs in the marriage? Would you stay with him if you knew your sex life wasn't going to improve from now, and is likely to get less frequent and less adventurous? That's the pattern in 99% of relationships, closeted spouse or not. If you answer “no” to either question, getting married may be a bad decision. A discussion is required, either way. Don't take any immediate improvement after you bring this up as things being “fixed” – it's called hysterical bonding, and may be escalated if you live in a culture where being gay is problematic. If you're an unwitting “beard” that doesn't seem like a recipe for happiness.

  4. I'll add some perspective.. I am VERY single right now. But I still have 3 unopened male sex toys in my drawer for the next man I date. I buy them all the time because men using them and enjoying them is hotttt

  5. Kegels for me were a great find and addition to my routine… Reverse Kegels however have been a legit game changer. Huge believer in them.

  6. I'm not certain what you're asking about, here. Are you unfair that women can achieve orgasm more frequently than men? File a complaint with evolution; it'll respond in a couple of million years. Seriously, take the W, man! Be fucking PROUD that you can make your woman come multiple times!!!

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