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  1. No, I think her vagina is absolutely perfect. I get weak at the knees everytime I see it. After a shower or even a few hours after the smell and taste are just intoxicating

  2. That's a tough one for me! I'm so vanilla and was turned off by exes who weren't and so kinky. I love my vanilla wife being so vanilla. I like it even when we bump heads in the bedroom trying to kiss each other and laugh (I know I'm cheesy). So I sought out vanilla all my life but it sounds like you got vanilla and didn't seek it as much. But maybe you can just talk about it in a comfortable setting? Maybe after vanilla sex, you can just say the smallest idea and say you love her and she's your #1 and this is the only person on the planet with whom you'd ideally do this. That's a tiny bit psychologically manipulative with the phrasing of the last sentence but you know, it's still gentle. I think at least many of us vanilla people just want to find a romantic angle to all of this. One of the reasons I'm so allergic to role-playing in the bedroom, for example, even though I like women dressing up outside and find it sexy is that it seems like a barrier to intimacy. I want to see the true person more in the bedroom than anywhere else in the world. But maybe I could be persuaded if I could see role-playing as another side of a true person and not feel like it's “fake”.

  3. Not done it myself. One superstition is to tap the roof of your car when someone with a headlight out drives past. Supposed to promise a night of great sex. Some folks also say “padoodle” while doing it.

  4. Just say “softer” “slower” or whatever, in the moment. Any good partner will love guidance and direction as long as it’s not mean or condescending (“dont you know anything? You are awful at this…”)a good partner wants to make you feel good.

  5. I’m a Bull for a couple she’s blonde 28F, I’ve never had a problem but honestly had some shots in me and she and I were doing the dirty. I told her to tell me bbc matters and bam it was like I was a teenager and I’m in my 40’s fit.

  6. I had pics of my exes on my phone for years, when I got serious with my g/f who is now my wife of 8 years, she went through my fb, asked me to delete all exes that I wasn’t true friends with and delete any pics, I did, we’re on the forever plan, years later, my old dresser that I’ve had since I was in my moms house, had a full drawer of shit I forgot about for years, it was in the spare basement bedroom, actual “sexy” pics of a couple ex’s, my kid found them, I work in camp, was away from home, that was a tough conversation, on many levels, my kid asked my wife who the girls were with me, she also had no ides…….

  7. They'll tell you if they don't like it or you're bad at it lol. Remember that self confidence and wanting/willingness are more important than the act itself bc guys mostly get off with piv sex. It's okay, don't second guess yourself.

  8. I usually put it in my profile. Kink-friendly, BDSM enthusiast, Sub, etc. If it's only the one kink it might just be better to bring up before you get physically intimate.

  9. With my previous boyfriend I always used to think of sex as just another way for him to get off, the same way a hand job would be, but I know now with my current boyfriend that it is so much more than that, and having sex is one of my favourite things to do with him. It should be something that you both do together where the only people that matter are you and your partner. If you’re scared to talk to him and be honest with him again, then it doesn’t sound like a good dynamic to me. I would always suggest talking first as much as you’re willing to do so, but you shouldn’t have to feel unhappy about something and just live with it, that’s just not fair.

  10. As far as I know (I am not a doctor or a medical professional in any way) there are no long term health defects for not ejaculating. Although it's recommend to ejaculate about 1-2 times a week as it can improve moods and help regulate hormones as well as ejaculating has been proven to help fend off prostate cancer. So there's no harm in not masturbating, though maybe having a quick one once a week or so wouldn't be the worst idea 🙂

  11. What matters more is that while a remote chance, you could still get her pregnant sticking it in half way. Use some form of protection. Even half in can result in full pregnant.

  12. When I first started having good ass sex we would go a long time such as a few hours. Take a break and get right back to it.

  13. These horrible feelings will pass, I’ve been down this road before. You aren’t together anymore, therefore you’re allowed to sleep with who you want to regardless of how she feels about you. You likely feel bad because you know she wants you back, and you might feel guilty because you still care about her and know she would be hurt. However, her feelings/actions are not your responsibility, she isn’t your girlfriend now so you don’t owe her any sort of explanation, and you’ve done nothing wrong. If anything I would just try to make sure you’re in the right mindset to start hooking up with people, because sometimes after a fresh breakup it can make people feel worse (from my experience anyway lol)

  14. I would say take your time and communicate so you know what's working and what's not, I do it with every new partner and it works more times then not.

  15. I guess I’m pretty much fused with the wife at this point. I figured for sure she would leave the marriage when I started fucking other women but here we are. It actually fixed the problems with her having no interest in sex due to the crazy ass way she was raised. It’s been a few years. She’s had a couple strange dicks in that time which is in no way a threat to me and certainly hasn’t impacted her ability to care for me. She has a gf I get along with and I have a couple fwbs. That woman isn’t going anywheres and neither am I.

  16. Yikes. Honestly it sounds like you two are not compatible. He’s going to have every excuse in the book not to have sex, and it will always be your fault. But he simply doesn’t like sex, and he won’t admit it. Break up now. Don’t waste more time

  17. Obviously I’m going to ask but I don’t want her to feel like she’s going to miss her chance and guilt trip her. Because I feel comfortable today in sharing this experience where I may not be as comfortable in the future idk if that makes sense but having a woman take control of you and performing anal actives as well as the willingness to teach and tell her what you like isn’t necessary a thing your comfortable just doing at any time as this gives her a lot empowerment and trust. It’s harder then just asking in my opinion especially because she’s never done or has felt that empowerment or level of trust

  18. If you're not on birth control, it's really not a good idea to go raw dog. If you start to really like and trust this person, and you're on bc, you can do what me and my girlfriend do, which is half and half. Start without a condom, and then put one on about halfway through, or whenever he feels like he can't go anymore without busting. Just to reiterate though, that should only be done if you trust whoever your with, and you're on the pill, because of pre-ejaculate and all that stuff. Also, vanilla is just a way for him to try to get you to do what he wants. Nothing can be vanilla, or lame and regular which is kinda what that means when people say that, if you're having a blast and getting your freak on the way you want to. If he doesn't like that, than he might not be the guy. It's a pretty lame move to pressure you in that way, no matter what age y'all are and how much experience he has. It's just not a great sign if he feels ok to do that. Someone who's a little more caring and empathetic is most likely going to be better at sex anyway. That's been my experience, at least!

  19. There's definitely other things besides a yeast infection that is there outside of an orgasm. Vaginal lubrication fluid for example, which can have various consistencies and color. I think that's what's being referred to here.

  20. You not only sound distrusting but also grossly misinformed. There are numerous countries around the world where sex outside of marriage is against the law and people – particularly women – get sent to jail for pre-marital sex.

  21. I didn’t claim to know anything about asexuality beyond it’s basic definition. Considering I’m not asexual and don’t know anybody who is, how would I know otherwise? I also didn’t attempt to “speak for or over Ace voices” as you claim, but simply asked a question for clarification, literally giving you the opportunity to speak your truth. My apologies for doing this, won’t happen again.

  22. You have to do what you feel comfortable with and what you feel is right. Asking others to tell you what to do probably isn't the best course of action. Finding guys that are your type and make you horny would be worth exploring. It sounds like you want to have sex with like minded people you can connect with, be open with and express your sexuality with. It's always a little scary at first. Find your comfort zone first and expand it later as you explore your sexuality. Hope this helps. ?

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