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  1. If he’s not complaining, everything should be fine. He can’t make his penis smaller or your mouth larger. It’s something that will definitely happen if the penis is past a certain size. If it happens, blame it on his manliest of manly manhoods, this will boost his ego into eternity ??

  2. He’s amazing with his hands and will incorporate vibrators into our play as well but I have partners that literally are insatiable when it comes to giving oral and honestly I really like that energy more than I realized ? I’ve learned this the last 6 months and it’s eating at me bit by bit

  3. You hand a starving man a turkey sandwich and say “all you want to do is eat!” The best thing you can do is make her understand how it makes you feel.

  4. A lot of people on Google said it’s not good to brush your teeth after oral though, that’s why I’m in a dilemma.

  5. When I started posting to Reddit. Total game changer. More interest, more excitement, more interesting dirty talk. ?

  6. This! Sorry, I was struggling to articulate! But it’s never to brag about someone or put someone down. For example, I had a partner who was well endowed and it hurt every time, I told a few of my friends and they actually helped me figure out some strategies to make sex less uncomfortable!

  7. If your boyfriend has no interest in making sure that you are sexually satisfied, then he needs to be your ex-boyfriend. You've spoken to him about this, he improved for a while, then he stopped. That means that he doesn't really care. Dump him. Life is too short for bad sex with shitty guys.

  8. Both partners should be receiving head. But not necessarily at thr ssme time. He can do it one time, then she can do it another time if she s not in the mood for effort at that time. Or the opposite as well. Absolutely. Most people still do it. But majority of people do it as a second option. Psrtner isnt in the mood so masturbation hsppens. Or partner is sick, tired, pregnant. Any of those. And masturbation is an alternative. The person themself is very tired any just wants a quick release. But if both people re horny and in the mood. The partner is available and willing. Why choose masturbation? Most people dont do that. (Not that it would be wrong if they did.) As in modt people dont actively seek alone time to sneak off and masturbate when they have sex on the table.

  9. Ok, but I literally never said anything about age gaps in general. It seems like you read what I wrote about a specific situation and are trying to apply it way more broadly and taking offense to it. If your situations have resembled what OP is talking about, then you were probably being groomed. If the dynamic was different, then you may not have been. It seems like you're taking this way too personally.

  10. When you change positions he could be worrying about whether he’s going to keep his erection. He is going for the pussy with his mind on his penis; thinking ‘is it still hard’, ‘when will it be soft’, ‘why isn’t it hard enough?’ Worrying about that is not sexy and nobody can get aroused under pressure. ‘ED’ becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy. Remember penetration is usually the end of sex, not the beginning, and you do not get aroused just from penile penetration. As he gets more comfortable around you and himself there will be no issue, so maybe don’t rush him into penetration and do other stuff to build up.

  11. Keep in mind that our stance in this subreddit as moderators are that we celebrate all relationships and sex where mutual consent is obtained by all. While we welcome those who are ethically non-monogamous, we do consider you going behind your partner's back as unethical. You're essentially engaging in a non-monogamous relationship without consent (i.e. you did not obtain your partner's consent in order to drag them into a non-monogamous relationship). While we would ask that everyone keep their comments civil, I'm not going to pull comments that call this out for the scummy behavior that you're asking for permission from internet strangers (i.e. NOT your partner) to engage in.

  12. Longer foreplay, incorporate toys like a bullet vibrator or a magic wand while he’s behind you. Have him wear a condom to desensitize him. Communicate to him that you would like sex to last longer so you can also get off. Have him go down on you until you’re close and finish together. If he doesn’t care about your pleasure then decide if your sex life is a deal breaker.

  13. You are so insecure your feed is plastered with pictures of it. Get out of here dude, go fluff your ego somewhere else.

  14. There is nothing good that we cannot honestly answer “did I gain weight” question, and yet some women keep asking it. I hope dudes can be better than that.

  15. The Voyeurs was pretty steamy. Also Chloe was pretty hot if your don't mind seeing Amanda Seyfried get busy with Julianne Moore.

  16. Right out the door babe, get that fresh air cause that guy is a 1,900 year old abestos attic

  17. It is different for everyone, for me it just wants something special. Like for you, you just want something special?

  18. When I was younger I masterbated way differently than I do now. I would essentially tap right above my dick on the pubic bone area, when I did this I heard of how other people masterbated and decided to try it out. I got literally no sensation from it at all and decided I just couldn't masterbate that way. A year later I revisited and tried again, this time I was more patient and something started to build and I actually orgasmed. Now idk how much you have tried or how much you have explored but you might not just be doing what works for you. Every woman is different and some woman can only cum from PIV some can only come from clitoral stimulation. You need to figure out what works for you. So look stuff up, the fact you don't know where your clit is, is not helping you at all. Look it up it's really not as hard to find as anyone says it is. I'm not a woman so I don't have tips on masterbating buy don't give up just because you haven't figure it out yet, there always time and always another thing to try.

  19. Thanks for the reply. I do understand your are going to get fakes, but is there any site you could recommend joining?

  20. An inch isn't far enough to cause you any harm unless it was scratching you lining. You are stressed because you did something new and “shameful”. There is nothing wrong with exploring your body and enjoying new things. Yes, it is still taboo in society and any anal play by a man is associated with homosexuality, albeit wrongly so. One day this may change but who knows.

  21. Don't get me wrong, I do miss the intimacy of sharing a bed & sleeping next to my husband but, weighing up the pros & cons, we've decided that it works well for us. For now anyway.

  22. Husband and I always prep before anal play. Purchase a douche bulb, flavoured lube and make sure you clean out your bowels properly. Husband loves to be rimmed and pegged and have never had an issue with faecal matter. Plus, we use wet wipes every time we go to the toilet (do not flush them!).

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