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  1. Im gonna just copy and paste what I commented on a girl who had a bf who just cums way harder (near impossible)….: I got “the problem” too, never came from sex itself, only by hand and only by myself, came once in my life during sex and only after months of “work”, I can last hours without any sign of cumming from sex..its just how his dick is build and how he feels sex or how he needs to be 110% comfortable so he doesnt come to the point to cum… Its also a brain issue, he has to completely turn off his head, easier said than done, I know what I am talking about, haha….where am I?, Oh, ehm, dont pressure him, just makes it worse…it will happen eventually, till then, be on his side by helping him to cum in the only way he can do it, its not you, just how he is…maybe lie by his side while he jerks himself off, strip, do it yourself, give his head stuff to think about, can also be hot for you to know he thinks only about you while you do what I described (thats what my Gf said to me, haha) Do the last part for a while, whenever you see he is comfortable doing it, he got fun cumming again in a steady way, you can try again helping him….best of luck to you 2

  2. Do some research: it is very contagious + it isn’t always obvious and visible… and it’s not always contracted from penetrative (vaginal or anal) sex… some people get it from oral sex.

  3. Your sex drive is very normal. Try reading Come as you are by emily nagoski or seeking out other sexual health media if you are in the need for some reassurance and understanding. You seem to have a lot of sexual fantasy and curiosity after a dry spell… it's not just normal it's healthy.

  4. Some have a clothed sex kink, just saying. Maybe nothing. Breast size doesn’t matter to most partners. But, ask and everybody put everything on the table. Out in open, so you can move forward.

  5. Oh yeah, that's most of what I did with my ex (it's complicated) but it's great fun indeed to just watch your partner get off from essentially just your presence.

  6. People might hate it but making him cum once first and then fucking will make it last much longer. Either by oral or penetration. Some people have a refractory period but it shouldn’t take long. For me I cum then about a minute or two, five at max, and I’m ready again

  7. I’m an Aus 14E (US 36E), trust me, it isn’t great. I can’t not wear a bra or I get back pain. A basic bra costs $50-100, and anything nice can be up to $200. Standard shops don’t carry anything above a DD, or a band size of 18.

  8. Remote control vibrator is your way to go here. Can’t really get caught as easy (unless it’s a super loud one). I would also start somewhere lower stakes than work maybe a restaurant

  9. Definitely start off slow. Get a buttplug kit or small dildos, so you can work up to the strap. Use plenty of lube and take your time stretch. As for the type of strap on, I prefer the ones where you can switch out the toy so you can upgrade sizes with time.

  10. Ugh. Generalizations galore in your post. And seemingly lack of concern for the humanity of the poor soul you want to purchase.

  11. It seems you have a good bond so ask himself! Communication is key and no one here does know better than him. My thought on this: you might have build stronger pelvic muscles and he is experiencing a stronger stimulation due to this wich makes him cum faster.

  12. If you like the idea of some of that control, excellent – go with it. If not, tell him no and move on.

  13. It sounds like he he definitely enjoys his kink but also loves you and want to share a child with you. He may be feeling hurt and alone due to how much he wants to share that with you and you’re not ready. He’s likely afraid you may never be ready. Being upset or questioning if someone cares about you as much as you care about them, can cause libido issues. I’m not sure how many serious relationships you have had…. But a lot of men are not ecstatic to have a baby even when it’s planned. Your partner is so excited that they literally can’t wait. He may be willing to wait, but while waiting he may grow increasingly sad or start to withdraw. It’s a really lonely feeling to want a kid with someone who doesn’t want one with you or isn’t as enthusiastic. I would really suggest having the hard talk of very teal time lines you both prefer for children. Maybe you can mutually agree on a timeline. I think he needs to feel reassured that you aren’t just saying that to him but that you mean it.

  14. It really doesn't matter. I don't mean that in a 'don't worry yourself' way. It honestly doesn't matter. I'm all for having as many (safe) sex partners as you want but it doesn't make you more of less of a man or 'normal'.

  15. Taking hormones takes away so much pleasure for women too. Women should not be expected to take medication to make men happy, regardless of how long they’ve been together. If you’re in a relationship and you don’t want your partner to get pregnant then you wrap it up. It isn’t your partners responsibility to manage their fertility because you want to put your spunk in them.

  16. Ask her to get on top, or try a different position where she can put in some work as well. I think that is a fair ask. That way you won’t get as tired or feel like you’re doing ‘all the workI’. But to be fair, I don’t consider having sex with someone as the penetrative partner to be doing “all the work”. Using your hand to masturbate is doing all the work. Saying the same of PIV sex makes it sound like you’re masturbating using her body.. and I sure hope you don’t view it like that, for obvious reasons.

  17. Hate to tell you this bud, but it is likely phimosis. I had the same thing happen and eventually had to get snipped. There are other options though if it's not really bad. Talk to a urologist right away and try to not damage it any further. It won't magically get better on its own.

  18. I’ve experienced extensive sexual abuse and just had to create very separate places in my brain for that part of me and the part of me that loves sex. I don’t really know how to explain how I did it but my mind is very good and recognizing sexual assault isn’t sex and so I should still get to enjoy sex. I’m also in therapy and no longer feel active trauma from the sexual abuse which very likely helps a lot.

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