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Model from: us

Languages: en

Birth Date: 1984-11-21

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage


Hair color: hairColorRed

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Date: July 5, 2022

29 thoughts on “qtpie888 naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat

  1. go hiding and find a friend who will do this deed,,, hiding trails are a way to experience public sex,, but be careful….

  2. Ok. So there's a ton of software to design it. Easiest is tinkercad. Printing is another thing. Most filament will be porous and hold onto bacteria. Using epoxy would solve that. Or always use a condom with it. That would solve that problem. There a site (forgot the name) that has x rated STL files ready to print. Dildos, cock rings, etc. You'll have to to the Google it

  3. I have the same problem, and have exactly the same feelings like you about the situation. Not only my nipples but other random body parts, just for the sake of annoying me in a childish way, which makes me feel like I'm some kind of plushie to him rather than the girl he sexually desires. It was upsetting for me, but I decided that I will accept this kind of behavior because everyone has some negative things about themselves, and in his case, the positive ones outweigh the negative ones. So I think you should think about it whether he's worth it or not.

  4. Doesn't really matter if she had a crush on you. How would you feel if you found out one of your girlfriend's friends sent her a dick pic and she hid it from you? What she did was selfish and wrong, not to mention possibly criminal.

  5. My ex was also like this, he watched a lot of porn and masturbated a lot so I think that’s one of the reasons he didn’t want to have sex with me. If he doesn’t want to be honest with you or have a talk about it there’s not much you can do tbh

  6. Sex isn’t going anywhere, he can have lots of it when he feels comfortable again. He will learn soon enough, I doubt he’s going to be like this for the rest of his life but if he isn’t comfortable right now I will not shame & ridicule him for it nor will I pressure him. They should really just talk this out.

  7. It will be a lot, sticky… he will be loud and love it, especially if you are verbally reassuring… expect to shower immediately after, watch your hair.

  8. They aren’t the one for you if a problem like a stinky vagina is making you feel like you aren’t meant for each other.

  9. You sound like someone who needs to show your family her virgin blood on your bedsheets on the night of the wedding or something .. and now you’re worried she may not bleed that night cause you put your fingers in there already, or maybe you don’t have any intentions to marry her and just want to make sure she’ll still bleed on her wedding night in the future.. weird.

  10. Sure. And also, 90%+ of relationships (and 50%+ of marriages) end. You don't say “your relationship WILL end.”

  11. Let me just say, I'm so sorry, and everything that happened was NOT your fault, nor was it the fault of your friend that you had to participate with, I know people say it, but I need you to know it's true. There was NOTHING you did you deserve being assaulted like that, and the person who assaulted you both should be in prison. I was sexually abused when I was a small child, and it messed me up in the opposite way, made me hypersexual, and conditioned me to believe that the only way I would ever receive any kind of love, is by giving my body, that was a long time ago now, and I'm on my healing journey, but the only thing that really helped me cope, was therapy, and loving myself. I know therapy is expensive though, but my advice to you, is to heal your inner child, learn to love yourself, because you deserve your love more than anyone else. I wish I could be of more help, but I just need you to hear that it wasn't your fault, and if someone doesn't want to be with you because of something you had no control over, they're not your person.

  12. If you are unwilling to have any physical intimacy without it leading to sex, she will feel like she is a sex object to you. If I only got physical intimacy from my partner if I could fully guarantee it would end in sex, I know I would be much less likely to initiate any touching out of worry I might not end up wanting sex. I would also feel used and gross.

  13. They’ve only been dating for a month – why should OP have to compromise on her sexual pleasure when she could just go find someone she’s compatible with? A guy who’s unwilling to do something as common and benign as nipple sucking is unlikely to be a giving partner in other aspects of sex. I would tag this man and return him to the wild.

  14. Have you talked to him about this, outside of the bedroom? Something like, “Hey [Boyfriend], I’ve noticed that you don’t seem to like to talk dirty to me, but I’m a big fan of it; being sexy and flirty is one of my favorite parts of foreplay. I was just wondering, is it something that you’re uncomfortable with? Is there something that I can do to help? Were you aware that I was trying to get you to talk dirty to me?”

  15. Ask her what she wants you to say. Everyone has different kinks and likes different things. If she has a praise kink, say things like “you're taking it like such a good girl” If she likes degradation say things like “you live that cock, don't you, you fucking slut” If she likes ddbg say things like “you make daddy feel so good” Etc etc. There is no one right answer

  16. Seconding this. I was allergic to my ex, and would burn and swell up afterwards. It does happen, and can be specific to an individual person's proteins.

  17. It does not make sense at all why he'd be so mad. It's extreme! I would insist on him getting tested if you're to continue. Otherwise lose him all together, he sounds abusive & shady

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