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  1. Possibly an anal fissure? I hope not….but topical lidocaine can help, and a doctor can look and know fairly quickly what's going on. Alternatively it could be an irritated or thromboses hemorrhoid? But, it seems you would have a more “full and burning” sense with that. I hope your suffering relieves soon.

  2. Plus the fact she said the other guy was disappointed. Like bro.. You are given a free pass to anal with no strings attached. I would be happy with the gift and go into it knowing the so could stop it at any time. Just be happy with what you got and be cool with it and respectful. The guy was willing to share his girl with you.

  3. No. Men are hardwired and designed to spread their seed in as many women as they possibly can. Aka, have sex with as many women as possible. Its men's nature, men's instinct, men's life purpose. It's not a kink.

  4. so then she just dosent get head? why should i apologise, im doing this for her, I understand =you may be a female, but there is thiings she dosent like doing, I dont ask her to find hoops to make her do it – i cant believe people are missing the point

  5. You male or female? Ive been seing couple the last 2months weve had a few issues that were sorted out. I like them both for sexual activity wise i really enjoy

  6. The documentary is a few years old, so only fans is not treated in it. The author argues that the worst period is since the beginning of the Internet.

  7. It kind of depends but for me it changes with time. It starts with the face and shape of the body but over time I become far more sexualy attracted to sexual compatibility. My wife is insanely cute but the way her body responds to mine is the sexiest thing I have ever experienced.

  8. There is also a copper coil which is effective, doesn't mess with your hormones at all but with that you tend to still get periods.

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