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  1. I'd probably forgive, but that's me. I'm naturally forgiving even to a fault. I would say sleep on it and see if your feelings process into something that would allow you to go forward with the relationship. But you're not even obligated to do that much if you don't want to. It's perfectly understandable to not forgive cheating no matter how distant in the past.

  2. I've had this one ex gf. Gave the best blowjob I've ever had. I find it hot af when a girl tries to deepthroat me (if they can even better) it means alot to me cause I mean they are choking on your dick. Another thing was cupping and massaging the balls and sucking them every once in a while. Then obvious cherry on top, swallowing cum

  3. It sounds like he is putting all of his sexual health on you. I've come to learn, for myself, that there is a healthy aspect of self-care with masturbation that is equally important to sex with my partner. First off, it alleviates the pressure on her to always fulfill that need for me. We are very active so this isn't a huge issue – but I still intentionally practice self-care anyway to maintain that boundary of my sexual health first and foremost being a relationship with myself. Secondly, once I unlearned the shame my old religion put on men for self-gratifying, and also removed myself from an emotionally abusive marriage where I was told, “Your semen is mine,” yet was also withheld from sex when she wasn't in the mood, my self-love and self-worth increased tremendously. After my divorce I went through a phase believing that masturbation was a “consultation prize” for not finding a bedroom partner. Now? It is a precious moment with myself that must be honored. We joke as men a lot about masturbation to mask our discomfort with our own sexual agency. We as a society shame people of all genders for first and foremost honoring themselves. All of this leads to a desperation in men that need not be. Cooperative sex with someone else is amazing, and I am very very glad to finally be with someone who matches my libido. But that's an added benefit to a relationship with an all-around amazing woman. And it is a very separate need from the one every individual has to learn and cherish intimacy – sexual and otherwise – with themselves, even (and especially) when in a romantic connection. Sending your man good vibes and hoping he finds the peace he needs!

  4. I've tried that in the past too, it mostly just clogs any razor you use it with (I think, it's honestly been a while). But I tried using the foil side of our trimmer before shaving and it was so smooth I decided shaving was not even gonna do anything.

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