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  1. For me it's (one or 2 middle fingers) the only way I move comfortable and with good control. So I always thought it as the only way. I have a rather beefy hands and developed some wrist issues, so it might be a lot different for people with more “normal” hands. I have never really gave it much tough.

  2. If OPs guy is simply using this as a form of power, control, or negging, then I can guarantee he is doing it in other areas as well. If that is the case, then OP will notice. At that point it will be up to her to leave And actually, even if this is a perfectly healthy and reasonable boundary for him, OP can STILL leave. If the ability to have sex with a SO while drunk is that important to her, she IS allowed to leave over it. Neither one would be wrong. They would simply be incompatible

  3. I am in an open relationship and when I meet with others, I have one simple rule. If they aren’t willing to do that or even eager to, I am not the right person for them. I absolutely love giving and receiving oral, so if that’s not on the menu, I am out. Fortunately, I rarely encounter someone not willing to do it.

  4. Exactly. plus they even have an added advantage that they are both women. Often for hetero virgins, an added most stressful and tricky part would have been finding proper birth control.

  5. This is mildly patronising but okay, thankfully my current partner has absolutely no issues with my communication

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