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  1. Yes I can’t talk for all guys but if a woman is willing to sleep with me on the first date I will not take her seriously at all. If she does it with you than she must have done is with many other dudes too. It’s too easy and I lose interest almost immediately. High value women that not just any man can get with are what turn me on. Girls that have a low body count and know their worth. That’s just me though, I like a challenge and a respectable girl.

  2. If you are lying or hiding it, that’s cheating. If both people know you’re seeing someone else or at least that you aren’t exclusive, that’s on the level. Which I think you know – you wanted a justification for being secretive about it but no can do. Having sex with someone is a health risk, and those people deserve to know whether they are (1) just exposing themselves to you, or (2) exposing themselves to you, anyone else you’re sleeping with, anyone they’re sleeping with, etc. You owe it to any partner to let them make an informed decision, PERIOD.

  3. I barely use Instagram. I have maybe 20 friends on it. The few times I do use it, and I go to search, it pulls up the Discover tab which consists of scantily clad women. I'm not friends with anyone who post stuff like that. I never like any posts, much less thirst traps. For context, I use Insta when I know a family member doesn't have their phone but does have a tablet or something, so I call them on messenger.

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