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  1. I’ve had Anal in the morning and in the afternoon I’ve had anal in the evening And with and without lube!! The skin On my dink is wrinkly pink and after I’ve used it blue!! I might not tell if it’s anal too!!! (Sung to the tune of Skin-a-Ma-rink-I-dink-I-dink) Honestly some people can take anal easily without lube. Because you can’t doesn’t preclude others from an experience.

  2. He drugs you and rapes you. You start dating him. He assaults you again in the relationship. Manipulates you into thinking that things were your fault. He basically anally rapes you because you had not given consent for sex without lube. He ghosts you and gaslights you again about being your fault. Tries to get back together. On a different timeline, you would have gone to the police after he drugged and raped you, and he would have gone to prison.

  3. I’ve been squirting since I was 21 (38 now) and have learned an awful lot by now about how this all works. I’ve been through some periods where I didn’t squirt at all for a few months and others where I squirted daily for years. So Some tips: First off, know where it comes from. When your partner reaches into your vagina with a pointer finger and makes a come-here signal, you should feel your g-spot. When I am about to squirt, the gland under my g-spot is swollen and hard. My partner can feel it “burst” when I gush. You can reach in there and massage it and after a while this pressure will build and you will fill with fluid and need to release. 1) I’ve noticed that my hormonal cycle can definitely influence how easy or whether I squirt. Not much to do about that but the other factors below you can control and focus on. 2) Foreplay. The more aroused and relaxed you are, the more likely you are to squirt. This has to do with the blood flow and the swelling of your g-spot. I can now squirt from ten seconds of focused fingering on that spot. 3) someone said this but have your partner lean back and try to get the head of their dick to hit the top of your vagina. I’ve found that partners with an upwards curve in their cock would naturally and easily hit it. If you partner is straighter, try to create a wider “V” between you. It’s largely positional for me as well but this is likely individuals For whatever reason I find it almost impossible to squirt from behind but incredibly easy while I’m on my back or on top of a partner. 4) You really can train yourself to do this every time. It has a lot to do with your pelvic floor strength and squeezing down on your partner. If you practice with your own finger/a toy, you will start to be able to control it. I can flex and grip pretty well vaginally now after years of building up the strength. It also seems to build the volume. I really can’t attest to why having a strong pelvic floor did this, but I once gushed 63 times in a night – each time a voluminous amount. It was surprising.

  4. I tried condoms first and then the pill. I always used condoms when it wasn't a SO that I was having sex with. My husband I didn't really like condoms so I was on the pill but I didn't like it either I gained too much weight and my acne got really bad. Not to mention I'm very forgetful. The pill is most effective when you take it at the same time everyday. So I chose the implant and it's great since I don't have to remember anything. I've actually been losing weight while on it but I'm at a healthy weight.

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