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  1. One of 4 things happened when she was gone: 1) She wants to play the field given the amount of male attention she received 2) Her trauma came more to the forefront for whatever reason 3) She was always a sociopath and you never noticed until now. 4) She realizes that being with you because of your mental issues is bad for her (sorry if this is true) For all 4 options, I see a breakup in your future.

  2. The way she said it was definitely rude and insensitive, but it was also likely just a knee jerk reaction because you just told her something pretty extreme. Sometimes my mouth is faster than my brain and I catch myself saying something rude, instant regret. That aside… for a straight woman, your ask is… a lot. I don't think I could do this for my partner if it was one of his kinks either. I'd be so turned off by the whole thing and it would be very clearly written on my face that this isn't fun for me. I think she sounds relatively open minded enough, but yes, your kink is really specific and not everybody is going to be down for that. It doesn't mean she won't be open to other things.

  3. Just incase the other suggestions don't work out, there's always the route I personally took. “Oral after marriage” it's not meant to be literal but I know what it's like throwing up while giving head and it's just not fun on our end. That being said, if a guy can't respect that I want to be comfortable, there's no point in fooling around at all. (He can respect my comfort level by allowing me to skip foreplay, or we can just skip the entire act)

  4. Well I will confess it was a small humble brag LOL. But I really was wondering, after reading some other subreddits and how a lot were complaining about their sex lives, just how common this is, so yes I accomplished both with one question. I really was curious as to what factors let happen multiple orgasms. Just from the replies some is biology, some is partners, and possibly age and just being comfortable with yourself.

  5. I don't really condone this but you can mix a bit of bleach and rubbing alcohol together to make some if you're really curious lol. It's a very distinct smell that doesn't smell like anything else. Same with formaldehyde ?Contrary to popular belief you need quite a bit of chloroform and prolonged exposure to actually make someone pass out.

  6. My FWB sends me a lil sum sum for motivation when I haven’t seen her in a while. Vibrator or fingers. LEAVE THIS GUY

  7. Vaginas are kind of acidic most of the time. Your ph levels could be off. If he comes in you that could make you taste a little sour. You could possibly have an infection. A trip to the gynecologist might be in order just to make sure you are truly okay down there !

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