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Niki_li naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat


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Model from:

Languages: en,de,es,zh,ru,sv

Birth Date: 1995-09-02

Body Type: bodyTypeAverage

Ethnicity: ethnicityMixed

Hair color: hairColorBlack

Eyes color: eyeColorBlue

Subculture: subcultureStudent

Date: June 24, 2022

16 thoughts on “Niki_li naked stripping on cam for live sex video chat

  1. This!! No feedback/talk killlls. And touching just gives some extra stimulation to keep the mind from wondering/overthinking. Grab some hair, even if my guy lightly wraps his hand around my hand on his shaft while I do it will drive me crazy. Anything to feel some skin on skin does it for me, personally. Hand on my shoulder, touching some boob. I’d say it’s the easiest to do for men still insecure about making noises/still figuring that out. Ways to connect with her while she’s down there instead of being silent and laying there will keep her invested. Whatever feels right!

  2. I'm not saying they can't have rules. Just explaining what the difference between a boundary and rule is.

  3. I understand where are you coming from. Low key, what happened to OP doesn’t sound as kink that hasn’t been communicated properly. Maybe I am projecting my own fear, but this sounds to me more like abuse than anything else. In any case, no one will ever know better than himself, that’s for sure. My advice for you OP: be careful with men. The fact that they are way stronger than us, proves to be a great disadvantage. They know this far too well. And some really do have very dark and blood thirsty preferences when it comes to pleasure and women. Ultimately, it takes a really long time to get to know a person (and their truest intentions). Sometimes they don’t even know themselves. Regardless wether he is a good person or not, I wouldn’t give him a second chance. Your life may, and may not be in a huge risk. And isn’t worth to stick around and figure out. Also, leaving him aside; I would perfectly understand if you OP, don’t feel like forgiving him at all. Or if you don’t feel like having more intimacy with him. That’s ok! Listen to yourself and your own pleasure! Do not make decision based on his feelings. Your life matters. NiUnaMenos #NoMoreMurderedWomen

  4. This my partner and I were doing vanilla sex for months and this was basically her way of telling me she wanted to be tied up and have me use a butt plug on her, hell fucking yes I’d love to do that, she just didn’t want to say it outright.

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  7. This may simply be who he is. Not everyone is a sexual person. Why try and fail to train someone to be sexual, kinky and dominant when they’re in no way inclined in that direction when you could just find a partner who already meets that description?

  8. Not on any, yea that’s my first assumption why he pauses. No baby wanted here lol. That hurts my ego a little, but I’m also not surprised?. ive heard that men are the best at giving head to other men. Which makes sense because I’ve also heard women are the best at giving head to women. I wanna learn how to do what he needs to finish, that would be so satisfying. But also he tells me it’s already sexy and crazy for him, so idk what else to improve on. What have the women who are part of the 10% for you done that made it so great? I know enthusiasm matters a lot, but I definitely tick that. I could work on technique for sure gonna have to practice on him for a while. Every man is different tho so it’s a process to figure out ?. A fun process but still a process lol. That last part is pretty comforting, thanks for sharing. He has said he thinks I’m like a perfect sexual match for him, just out of the blue I didn’t even start that convo so I think it’s true.

  9. Like everything else, religion is subjective. That's to say you can use Christianity as a moral roadmap but chart your own course. Most “christians” I spoke to when I was young only wanted to argue if I did not agree w them 100%. No 2 people in the same church believe 100% the same. I spent 10 yrs looking for what I believe. I can still believe in God and have sex outside marriage. I find partners who are the same as me.

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