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  1. It's her favourite position to get a creampie in yeh, she says the angle makes in perfect and she can feel sensations against her cervix as I cum that feel really good for her. She gets that from other positions too but not as reliably. I guess it's not so unusual, which is cool.

  2. 69 is possibly my favorite. I love eating her pussy and her sucking my dick. Plus then she gets so turned on and does an even better job sucking my dick. Plus plus, my dick curves up so 69 position it goes into her mouth/throat more naturally. I can get her quivering and thrashing around so good in 69.

  3. Get some lip balm to protect your lips. If they are dry they split and continuing to work with them makes them swollen quite quickly.

  4. For whatever reason, the “patriarchy” we live in makes it so it's men's fault for everything. You can both be drunk and have sex, yet somehow only she'll be the victim, and you'd be a rapist with a ruined social status. Your dumb friend could get you in trouble, so tell her to either make it perfectly clear she wants to bang, or to back off. If she keeps doing this shit to you, distance yourself from her before she ruins your life with her dumb drunken hornyness that she could easily spin into “he raped me!” the next day.

  5. The only way forward is to communicate openly with the couple. Tell them your concerns and see what they say.

  6. I would imagine that this attitude affects more than just your sex life. You may feel the low self-esteem creeping into other parts of your life too. There are many ways to try and grow towards better confidence and self-esteem, like therapy or reading some good books on the topic. Consider tackling this issue at the very root, and work to boost your overall confidence and self-worth!

  7. Do you moan every single time? They may just never feel the urge to moan, or only do it if they’re close to orgasm for example and they weren’t. They may be holding it in if they’re self-conscious, there’s a reason they want to be quiet, or if they’re just used to staying quiet as that’s what they’ve always done during masturbation when they don’t want anyone to hear.

  8. This. Exfoliating and using hot shower and aftercare has been the best thing for me. I also sleep naked and wear loose clothing for the next few days.

  9. Props on the self discovery! You're good. You're normal. Normal just encompasses a lot of different experiences. A lot of people do enjoy it deep, with cervix and fornix contact. It's just that a lot of partners assume all vaginas love deep penetration and that's just not the case, so what you hear is the horror stories from women about dudes with no self control or who only know “all in – all out – no in between”. Let your partners know what you like but pay attention to if you like it immediately or later on in the act and communicate it accordingly to them. Some people have a really hard time understanding that every body is unique so stress that “this is what I like and when I like it”. I hope you have fun exploring this more!

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