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Model from: us

Languages: en

Birth Date: 1987-10-08

Body Type: bodyTypeLarge

Ethnicity: ethnicityWhite

Hair color: hairColorOther

Eyes color: eyeColorHazel


Date: July 2, 2022

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  2. My first sexual encounter was with a girl I thought was super hot. She asked me to her house and surprisingly wanted to have sex. Long story short, I got so excited before the deed could be done, I creamed my pants and was totally embarrassed. I made up a story and got out of there. I was simply too young and inexperienced to know how to deal with that. If the girl had let me know it was cool, and that she still wanted to play, she would have probably had me for years. She was young too so I don’t hold it against her of course. Simply wanting to be with me meant the world. Reach out to him. He’s likely as into you as you are into him. Tell him it was hot and you want to do it again.

  3. How cruel and selfish someone can be to you during and after such an vulnerable moment. I always thought my first time was going to be special and with someone who actually liked me. Movies and books about this filled my head with unrealistic expectations. I never imagined someone wouldn’t care about my sexual pleasure and well-being. My first time was horrible and even though he knew it was my first time, he kept on telling me to push through the pain when I told him that it hurt and didn’t care that I wasn’t enjoying it. So I just pushed through the pain and prayed for it to end. There was literally only a few seconds of foreplay and no aftercare at all. Afterwards, he made fun of how I cried out during sex and insulted how my body looked. After I left him that night, I was a sobbing mess. If he didn’t like me at all, why did he go above and beyond to get into my pants? I now know the reasons, but it took me a bit to come face to face with the harsh truths.

  4. Not really getting the whole “break up with him” comments He says you’re beautiful but isn’t sexually attracted to you. To me he sounds like he just can’t get it up… and clearly suffering from porn addiction. Porn addiction does that to men nowadays. I’d honestly take it as a cry for help. And he probably can’t even see/feel it. As a loving caring gf, I’d probably wanna help him quit and detox from it. Not break up with him :/ that’s what I’d want my girl to do if I was in trouble tbh.. IF… he’s stubborn and won’t quit porn, only then I’d consider breaking up with him

  5. People are going to call him as asshole for answering honestly a question you asked him. You pretty much already knew the answer before you asked so not sure why this is surprising. He never commented on them negatively before and he admitted he likes bigger breasts. You just need to decide if you can live with his preference. Maybe compromise and sometimes wear it for him and sometimes be nude for you. If you two can’t do that then might as well end it. His preference isn’t going to change and you may feel self conscious over this the entire time you’re with him.

  6. I was really worried about that. So these guys are not idiots, they just wrote the truth without taking into account emotions like you are now. I am not asking if vagina is better emotionally, but physically. You wrote what I thought you would do, eh you gave me hope unnecessarily.

  7. You are overthinking. The fact that he is selfish is something to discuss with him but in terms of attractiveness and skills I see no reason for you to feel insecure.

  8. She is extremely vulnerable right now as she’s pregnant and probably feeling sick and weird about her body. Have some empathy. Knowing your partner is searching out other women to lust over and masturbate to doesn’t feel good to MANY women, whether they are pregnant or not. I doubt it would feel good to you if she were searching out men with huge perfect dicks to get off to if you were feeling sick and didn’t want sex. She’s offered you her pics so that the relationship still feels monogamous. I’m sure she’s extra sensitive right now. I would be gentle with her- she’s the mother of your child. It’s totally understandable that she feels this way. It shouldn’t be hard to give up porn for awhile if it makes her feel better. Happy mother and baby- or porn. No one said you can’t masturbate just cut out the porn.

  9. I still want to weigh in being male, because I had some feedback. To sum it up; I am not completely sure, most of the time it's more about the intimacy for my babe and I. I don't even have to orgasm, because I don't want a baby anytime soon. However, I am a decent actor and she probably is too. Sometimes projecting it just makes it more fun, so it's a whole mess. The key point is to find your enjoyment in it and do eeeeet.

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