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  1. I mean if you’re that scared then google proper sex ed so you both know how to prepare before hand safely and then have your fun. There’s like 15 minute videos online that can help out. You definitely need to have more knowledge before jumping right in imo. Just do some googling so you’re ready for next time and you may learn more things to try that’ll make it feel even better

  2. Something you can do without taking the risk is when making love put your hand on her chest/beginning of her throat. Apply light pressure but no strangulation( so press on the chest and dont squeeze the neck/throat) some women like this instead of the choking

  3. I would suggest funding a sex therapist (there's another kind of person too). They can help you with any hangup and possibly some things to try.

  4. In what sense you find men attractive, if not in body? You like manly character? You can get that with biological woman. Like a piv? You can get that with biological woman through pegging, or you can consider trans. You need to break down in parts, what aspects of one gender or another you like and assemble identity, sex and gender that fits those criteria.

  5. I'd rather have your problem then pre mature cuming. It really gets annoying. I'm just like the opposite. But, try talking to your doc maybe Viagra helps?

  6. Virginity is a concept. There is no truth to it. It sounds like a lot of the things you are going through you need professional help, and I recommend seeking a therapist to talk to.

  7. He already answered your question in the original post, she said she shouldn't have to do anything herself and it's all on him.

  8. An experienced girl took my virginity. I calmly said to her i never had sex and she was cool with that, than we started having sex and i expected to last seconds, but i haven't even reached an orgasm in fucking hours. At the end of the night my dick hurts because it was rock solid all the time. It was amazing

  9. Be a safe space but consistently show you aren’t judgmental. If he does have anything to share, he’s more likely to share in loving and trusting conditions

  10. Historically it’s just been by being myself and being direct with a gal, “I think you’re very attractive.” And they will respond how they feel comfortable.

  11. Indifferent. If lube is needed to make the experience more enjoyable for either of us, so be it. If someone needed lube every time that also wouldn't be an issue for me and would just be incorporated into the foreplay.

  12. Gonna have to have my SO try this.. She does it unintentionally when she cums so I assume she can learn to do it..

  13. Don’t believe everything you read. Experience a real squirter before you make a comment on something you don’t have a clue about.

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