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  1. Yes, they can. Feels different than the dudes, don’t ask me how I know this. Depends on what they like. Not every person is the same.

  2. I will tell you this. Don’t talk to anyone else about your sex life if you respect your partner. It isn’t anyone else’s business but yours. Ain’t no one else there doing the deed, so keep them out of your bedroom. It can be damaging as hell going to a cookout with “friends” and they know exactly what you are into. Tell them you go laid, it was awesome… nothing more than that. If a woman I’m with wants to tell her friends what we do in the bedroom, I’m either gonna suggest we include them when we fuck, or don’t tell them shit.

  3. This doesn’t sit right with me if he doesn’t listen to your concerns of pain and being uncomfortable. He sounds very toxic. I would find a new guy. There are plenty, so do not get discouraged.

  4. I’m a 76 yo woman who’s always been shy, quiet and introverted too. Except with my husband. It’s ok to be an entirely different person within your love relationship. Life is entirely too short to never see your lover’s eyes sparkle due to an unexpected display of lust on your part. You’ll never enjoy the fullest extent of your passion while hiding behind your shy persona. Give it all you’ve got, take all you want.

  5. Yea honestly i guess it’s just lust. Like intense lust lol. Cuz that feeling only lasts when we’re naked and touching eachother. The main confusing part is i thought I was attracted to past partners but the feelings my current fwb makes me feel, it’s like it doesn’t even compare lol

  6. Yes, correct. In short, what you just stated is that there is a difference between facts and feelings. That is indeed true. Where the line is drawn though is when we are putting more faith in feelings rather than facts. It is not difficult to grasp dude. And uhhh, I actually can. I just did. OP is likely bisexual. Does that make me a horrible person? If it does, that is your opinion and that is my entire point. Your opinion, my opinion, anyone’s can either align with facts, or it can not. It is a FACT OP is debating whether he should have sex with a man, so it is a FACT he is not strictly attracted to women. My cousin is a homosexual, and she has never been attracted in men after middle school. It is a FACT she is homosexual, so it is a FACT she is strictly attracted to women… and from what she has told me, there is no wiggle room when it comes to her attraction. That makes her neither bisexual neither heterosexual. See? I just told both OP and my cousin their sexuality. The problem is that you are gatekeeping and telling me what I should feel or think or do or not do. You are not OP, you did not create this thread and you did not ask for other perspectives. If you cannot handle other perspectives, you should not be on the internet, plain and simple. I remained respectful, and went back and forth with you without ad-hominem, yet you dare call me a “phobe.” That is your issue, you want to label everyone who disagrees with you a bigot or a transphobic when literally, nothing I stated was intolerant. If this is your way of self-preserving your logic, go for it, but do not do it on someone else’s expense, because here you are, being the intolerant one. If you do not want to be ironic, mentally help yourself, because all you did was express to me your feelings and told me I am wrong when I only stated facts. It is my opinion that you have some sort of bias here, and whether you yourself or transgender or not, it is individuals like you who do not help your cause because if all you are going to do is cry “transphobic” every time someone respectfully tells you a human with a penis is a male, then you may have a difficult time with overall interactions.

  7. The idea that there are orgasm “types” for women is a widespread and persistent myth. Many women orgasm differently, from other women and from time to time. Many different kinds of stimulation including pure thought can lead to orgasm, but the actual mechanism triggered is the same each time. Most women actually have their most intense orgasms from a combination of clitoral stimulation and vaginal penetration at the same time. Trying to use only one is needlessly putting yourself on hard mode for most women.

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