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  1. So what's the problem here? If you tink 5 times a week is to often, it's to often, if you would like it 5 times a day he needs to up his game. Reddit can't tell you what amount of times is the correct one. You are the one in control.

  2. Post removed for not following group rules. Please read through the list of restricted content, especially 8.4) LOW EFFORT MATERIAL. “Does anyone else…?”, “Is [X] normal/weird?”, “Is [y] wrong/bad/okay?”, and so forth. Human sexuality is incredibly varied; yes, someone else likes what you like, and labels like “normal” or “weird” are meaningless and in a sex positive community, we do not allow any moral judgments against sex acts or behaviors that are consensual.

  3. That's normal and safe as long as 1) it's not a “problem”…an uncontrollable urge that interferes with your life and 2) you're not hurting yourself/in pain after With porn I can toss one in like 5-30 minutes. Without porn it takes me at least an hour. But I don't have the time and patience for that. Wish I did tho. You do you fam, you've got 2 hrs to pay attention to your body? Embrace it.

  4. He’s only been able to go a second round a few times when we were in college. I would love multiple rounds! Or one really long round would be just as good. I didn’t know about the workout thing, thanks for the tip!

  5. If you are open to it have you suggested a threesome? Maybe him being involved would help him change his mind and also allow you to explore sex with woman

  6. I'm gonna reply as a woman with a slight piss kink. The fact that you're aroused that you could have possible peed on him leads me to think that you may be into that. And that's okay! The first time I squirted, it smelled slightly like pee. I freaked out and went to go pee afterwards, and sure enough, I peed. So, it was lady juice too. But also some piss. That's what a true female squirt looks/smells/feels like. I do love that there's piss in the mix because it's just plain dirty and taboo. Again, there's nothing wrong with that and it's perfectly okay! Sounds like your friend enjoyed it 🙂 don't worry!

  7. In this post didn't she tell him she wanted him to enjoy it because she's wasn't? Right before telling him she enjoyed sex with her previous partner who was, by the way, bigger than him? That post?

  8. Sweetie, you think it's gross now. When you get older and have sex during your SO menstrual cycle, that will be messy and lots of blood and you'll enjoy it. My advice, man up.

  9. Go out and do a hobby of yours. Meet girls that also do that hobby. Now you know you have something in common, so start talking about the hobby.

  10. Why not? What's there to be ashamed about? It's normal body reaction. Talk to your bf about it, he may be into the idea of making you squirt.

  11. Okay, this is just nasty, though. He's shoving her toys up his ass and not cleaning them. If she wasn't paying attention she could then shove them up her vagina and get a raging infection. This goes beyond private masturbatory practices into using her intimate objects without permission and putting her health at risk.

  12. If he is willing to leave because you can't deepthroat, you have bigger jssues. That is bar none the moat superficial reason i can think of to juatify leaving someone. My test for a relationship has always been “what if either of us got in an accident and couldn't have sex”? If you can't imagine you being together after that, you've got the wrong person. You be you and be your best self. If he cares about you, he'll be there today and tomorrow.

  13. Stop obsessing and relax. Sex is about exploration of a person not a rush to orgasm. Doing it less and living more life will make it a deeper experience as you know yourselves and each other better. She may just prefer fingers to tongues. Work with who she is not who you think she should be. Same goes for yourself.

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