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  1. I honestly don’t understand men who don’t want to have spicier sex with their wives. My wife bought a dildo that attaches to me so she can be double penetrated. Dildo in the butt and penis in the vagina. Why wouldn’t men want to do kinky and crazy sex acts? Only live once

  2. Just start kissing him where ever he is. Led your hands wander around his body and lead him to where ever you want to have sex.

  3. I agree. I’ve had a gyno tell me to drink alcohol so I’m more relaxed. They keep saying it’s a mental thing. Although they’ve never put anything inside so I’m not sure if there’s actually a physical problem

  4. I'd say practice safe sex. As for drugs well I'd just stay away from that group. As for other things no means no.

  5. Sounds like you try hard to compromise and offer solutions. While he hasn't offered any solutions only complains and has all sorts of excuses and even unfairly compares you to his ex and friends girlfriend. How would he react if you referenced your old boyfriends and the sex? If he can't change you should dump him.

  6. I was actually just about to bring up the potential that your wife may have some gender identity stuff going on, if she did the same with her ex it doesn't sound like this is some one off idea, I don't think anyone is 'influencing' her to do this if this is something that she's done more than once. Wanting to be dominant and having heterosexual sex with a male partner is one thing, but that usually doesn't go above simply buying a strap-on. It actually seems to be a fairly common experience that gay trans men find themselves out through their envy of cis gay relationships. I don't think it's particularly offensive to gay couples, because this doesn't sound like a mockery, this sounds more like experimenting. I have no right to judge what your wife's feelings towards herself are through the microscopic amount of information I know of her through this, but I think you two may want to sit down, and actually ask and bring up why she wants to do this gently.

  7. Hold up. Do people remember their sleep “activities”? he says I sexually assaulted him, he also said I got MAD when I said “i don’t think you’re in the mood”. I've walked and talked and done stuff in my sleep since I was a kid but I never have any recollection of them unless I woke up during (which was always scary).

  8. Maybe she's dating another man? i mean if she's okay with that let her do what she likes. If you allow it i can talk to her maybe she Will be back to her normal mood , does she have ig?

  9. Use Plan B within 72 hrs or less, and note her weight when doing so as mass limits it’s whether or not it’s effective. If you don’t do that, continue to use birth control when having sex and take at least 2 pregnancy tests after 10 days. Look for early detection tests and follow the indicated time frame- not all tests can detect a pregnancy this early.

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