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  1. My vasectomy gave me the greatest peace of mind ever. I froze some for us in a sperm bank for a few years just in case, primarily to alleviate her anxiety. I’m really glad things turned around for you!

  2. Is there a reason you're averse to therapy? This is something that may be too hard to overcome just by muscling through it, and she is not the right person to talk about it with; you'd likely just transfer your insecurity to her.

  3. As long as he accepts it when you say no to something, and respects your boundaries, then he's okay. Never stay with a parter who keeps pressuring you into something after you've said no to it. Also, please don't let him choke you. It's really not safe. Jay Wiseman, the world-famous BDSM expert, lays out why choking is bad: As far as anal is concerned: If you do it, you have to be careful. Those tissues are delicate, and if it isn't done properly, serious injuries can result. Go slow, use plenty of lube, and stop *immediately* if it starts to hurt. Stretch yourself with fingers and toys before you let him put his penis in. Also, tell him that if he wants to take the vehicle off-roading, he needs to be okay with the fact that he's likely to get a little mud on his tires. In other words, butts tend to contain poop. Even after a good bowel movement.

  4. Nothing wrong with you. Just a good healthy dose of grool. The vagina has a mucus membrane similar to the mouth and it secretes some when you are aroused.

  5. Should you be worried that you're bad, after 2 weeks? No, lol. You are going to be bad for a while, and that's okay! Practise makes perfect, get those hours in 😉

  6. Lmao at thinking suggesting a sleeve isn’t going to totally destroy this guy. You say you’re going to phrase it as “trying new things” rather than “you’re not big enough”, but the reality is that he ISN’T big enough – you said so in this post. You say you don’t want to break up with him, and I’m sure that’s true, but you’re trying to deny the reality that you, like pretty much every person on earth, has superficial desires. At the end of the day, none of these quick-fixes are going to satisfy you the way a thicker dick would, so in the end you’d be doing both you and him a favor by just ending it now, rather than having to do it in the future after wasting years of his life where he could’ve found someone who loves every part of him. Rip the bandaid off.

  7. If you really want to have sex with him, I think you should ask for an STD test. If he’s negative would you still be turned off by the looks of it? If that’s a yes, then I suggest just finding another person with a huge dick.

  8. You can change the settings in Reddit to block DMs from people you don't know; you can also try reporting them to the Reddit admins. Unfortunately there is nothing the r/sex moderators can do unless they openly post in this forum.

  9. I can't say that I thought about it much, but usually if I slide my hand down my wife's back like that when I'm giving her a hug it's because I'm planning on pinching her bum.

  10. you should not feel bad about this. and feeling ashamed of it is not the way to go. everyone has their own kinks, just accept your own kink and you will be happier 🙂

  11. You’re being played and taken advantage of. You know it but will continue anyway until you get hurt, and then keep going back /thread

  12. Yes I know this. So I don't give oral when I have an outbreak nor would receive it. I'll still manage my risk and not have sex if a guys got genital herpes. And no it wasn't life changing because I got it from my mom when I was very young and have never known life without it. You got your threshold and I have mine. I'm too young to take on unnecessary viruses with the amount of partners I have. I'll care less in a couple decades if the sex life dies down. But having my lips be out of commission for 3 weeks a few times a year absolutely sucks soni won't take that chance on my genitals.

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  14. You and possibly he were both a little drunk when he said I love you and that he wants to be your boyfriend. On the other hand, he spent the night and you went on an actual date while sober the next night and you kissed. I'm not sure if he actually loves you at this point, but he clearly likes you romantically and could have easily excused himself and not gone on a date with you if that wasn't the case. Just keep dating and don't use the “L” word unless he brings it up for a while.

  15. If you're male and it's for a handy, maybe. For females, nothing should go in the vagina that is not intended to go in there.

  16. Thank you!! I never thought something was actually wrong with me, but I wasn’t sure I was right either. I was confused, but this made me see things from another perspective. Thanks!

  17. Not realistically, given what you've described. There was no way that any of his ejaculate got inside of you, and even if it had, there wouldn't be a guarantee of pregnancy. It sounds like you two are being very careful, which is great. Periods aren't totally consistent at the best of times.

  18. Both are amazing. I love my wand when my husband isn't around. But I also love when he fingers me and makes me squirt

  19. Not sure where anxiety came into any of this, but all i know is that OP (based on her other posts) has only been dating this dude for roughly 2 weeks. If she’s already experiencing problems this early on, then he’s most likely a lost cause. He probably regrets starting and is trying to find an easy way out.

  20. Thank you! It was nice seeing him that way. He’s not exactly the most romantic and sensitive kind of man so it was extra special to me.

  21. I feel like with the limited info we have it’s better to say couples therapy and not divorce. However if the husband keeps up with his shitty behavior definitely upgrade to a better husband

  22. But I mean she does sound like she’s already being safe and doesn’t want to be a parent either… You should talk to her about BC if it’s worrying you, but I don’t see why you would ground her for doing something that is perfectly healthy and just natural? Honestly you cannot stop certain aspects of THEIR relationship because I bet they will just find ways around it. But really, instead of grounding her maybe consider actually thanking her for using protection in the first place? And then bring up the birth control thing being a rule she needs to abide by to stay under your roof? Personally, I don’t think it’s right to force birth control onto anyone but if you don’t think condoms is enough for them then that’s the only advice I can give you

  23. Thst is unrelated to him putting on a sexual show back when you were FWBs to stroke his ego. Why are you assuming that it's all a show? I mean it's possible, but to me that's making a lot of unproven assumptions. If he's a good FWB, good friend and doesn't cross any boundaries it's irrational to conclude there is a cynical motive behind it. There is already a lot of assholes around (OP's boyfriend sounds a bit like one, but he might simply be clueless) , people like OP's FWB are significantly better than average.

  24. Then, her body might have enjoyed it ? It's crazy to me because if I dont want to have sex with a woman i despice, even if she gives me a blowjob, i wont be able to get an erection

  25. Hi op, I know weight fluctuations suck. especially if tey happen due to factors outside of our control. Here is some good news, you are probably the only one noticing. Still it's the person that counts the most. What helped me is to view weight as something temporary and flexible and not a part of me.

  26. I think this may be why after another redditor commented similar. His new job is super labor intensive and so I’m wondering if he gets too physically exhausted right before and that’s when and why he wants to stop.

  27. That’s precum. It’s a natural lubricant your body produces when you’re aroused. And it called precum for a reason as it as small amounts of cum inside it. And yes there is a possibility of pregnancy, and if you’re scared? Unless you cut off your balls and somehow find out how to stop precum. Please wear a condom.

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